How To Find a Short-Term Apartment Rental

Depending on your situation, you might need to find a short-term rental instead of the typical long-term lease agreement. Long-term leases often last for 12 months while a short-term rental could run for about three or six months. Some places even offer month-to-month lease agreements.

When looking for short-term apartment rentals, one thing you need to keep in mind is that they’re often more expensive than long-term rentals. This is because most landlords much prefer the stability of receiving 12 consecutive months of rent.

If you have the budget to accommodate the rather costly price of a short-term apartment rental, here’s what you can do to find one:

Do Your Research

Searching online is a great place to start your hunt for a short-term apartment rental. Property websites, Facebook groups, or other social media postings can lead you to a place that might be just up your alley. Take note of these locations and make a shortlist based on your ideal conditions. Don’t disregard long-term rentals either if they fit your preferences. For all you know, they might be offering short-term agreements, which leads us to our next point.

Contact Leasing Offices

Some property websites don’t normally indicate whether it’s possible for a rental to accommodate a short-term lease agreement. As mentioned, landlords would rather have tenants who can afford long-term leases. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not open to the idea of accommodating a short-term rental. For this, you need to call the property’s leasing office so you can inquire whether this is possible. Make it a point to ask about units that have been vacant. Keep in mind that vacancies mean lost income for landlords, which you can use to your advantage when negotiating for a short-term lease.

Be Flexible

If you’re still having difficulty finding a short-term rental, consider being more flexible in your search. If you can’t find a place with your ideal conditions, try to settle for some compromises. Remember that you’ll only be staying there for a short while anyway so being temporarily inconvenienced might not be such a terrible thing. Just make sure to prioritize safety and cleanliness as the most important factors in your search.

Consider All the Expenses

Aside from the monthly rent, you also need to take into account other expenses when looking for a short-term rental. Some of these include utilities, parking, and repairs, among others. When speaking to the landlord, clear up whether there are other additional expenses that you need to anticipate. Since short-term rentals can cost a pretty penny, you need to make sure you’re aware of everything you have to pay for before signing any contracts.

Don’t Give Up on Your Search!

A short-term rental can be a great option if you’re just looking for a place to stay between moves. But, while many landlords might not offer short-term rental agreements, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find one. Follow the tips above and you’ll be able to find a short-term rental that suits your needs.

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