How to Choose the Casino Game for you

The online casino industry continues to thrive in challenging times with revenues at an all-time high. At the end of 2020, reports showed that global online iGaming income had hit $66.67 billion – an increase from $58.96 billion the year before.

That popularity is driven by huge choice with new operators coming online on a regular basis. Every month, new game titles are released which will sit alongside many old favorites on the casino’s roster.

Extensive choice can sometimes lead to confusion so, if you are new to the online casino scene, how do you choose your perfect game?

Fast and Furious

One of the most popular areas of any online casino focuses on the slot machines. There are many thousands of titles available and each operator takes their pick from the developers that produce those titles on a regular basis.

If you like games that are fast and produce instant results, then slots could be the best option. Another factor in their favor is the fact that they come with such a diverse choice. There are very basic, three-reel games that replicate those titles that can be played in physical casinos around the world.

From an elementary starting point, slots can come loaded with stacks of bonus features and additional games. Wins can start with modest sums from lining up matching images on a payline while other titles are equipped with huge, life-changing progressive jackpots.

On the Cards

The vast majority of card games have transferred seamlessly from land-based casinos to the digital realms. The core options are poker, blackjack and baccarat with many different versions of each title available.

Poker is a very challenging game and it can be a perfect match for those who want to test their skills of strategy and analysis. Patience is also required as hands can take a long time to conclude, particularly in Texas Hold’Em where several opponents are involved.

Many casinos like to simplify those options by introducing games such as Caribbean Stud where other opponents are taken out of the equation. The need for strategy remains but these titles offer a straight battle between the player and dealer.

Blackjack is an easier game to follow for new players but that element of strategy remains in place. The real test here is the ability to think and act quickly as the action is much faster. If you like analyzing the pattern of play but lack the patience that some poker variants require, blackjack could be the better option.

Baccarat is very similar to blackjack in the sense that it has a unique scoring system and players have to hit a certain number to win. The difference is that you can stake on either the player or the dealer to win the hand. The balance of strategy with a faster pace remains.

Take a Spin

Roulette is essentially a game of chance and it’s therefore a good pick for the thrill seekers. There are three main versions of roulette – European, American and French – and each one has very subtle differences.

European Roulette has just one green, zero pocket while the second, ‘double zero’ in American Roulette will marginally increase the house edge. French Roulette is a rather quirky variant with its own rules. That combination of chance and the potential for a range of stakes makes roulette a hugely popular choice.

A Throw of the Dice

Dice games have, maybe, taken a little longer to catch on at the online casinos but there’s a bigger choice now than ever before. Craps is an old casino classic while Sic Bo is an ancient game where players stake on the total numbers produced following the roll of three dice.

Once again, there is a big element of chance involved with both of these games. The roll of a dice is key to the outcome but both Craps and Sic Bo are quite cerebral. There are multiple possibilities with each game and players have a wide range of stakes to choose from.

Keeping it Real

Once you’ve found a perfect game you may also want to choose how to play it. Many operators now offer a live casino area where actual croupiers and dealers are online 24/7.

Games are played out in real time and this is as close as you can get to playing those games at the tables in Vegas or any other land-based casino location around the world.

Tradition Plays a Part

When casinos first came online in the second half of the 1990s, there were no live dealers to move the games along. Instead, automated software is used to deal cards and spin wheels.

All online casinos keep this automation and there is great support for the traditional way to play. With the absence of a live dealer and all the conversation, the player is left to focus solely on the gameplay.

Hopefully you should now have a good idea about choosing a game from the vast range of options. There are titles to suit all styles of play including those with a higher element of strategy and probability to those that rely on pure chance.

Remember too that there are many places where you can test out games for free with no money on the line. That’s another good way to identify your favorites before committing to real stakes.




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