How Luis Millan and Mac Ismail Bring Honestly to the Automation Industry

In recent years, the world has witnessed massive growth in the e-commerce space. Numerous business models have sprung up with entrepreneurs seeking to fully maximize on the fast-growing market. Business automation in the e-commerce space has also grown, with Amazon and Walmart sharing first place as the leading brands in the industry.

However, the industry also faces numerous challenges, amongst them being the high scam rates. Some entrepreneurs venture into the space with ill-intentions, mainly to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. This has significantly affected the industry, with consumers finding it hard to purchase goods and services online.

Trust and honesty have since become major factors in the industry, especially in building customer loyalty. Brands are working hard to build a positive public image and position themselves as trustworthy businesses.

Luis Millan and Mac Ismail are two successful entrepreneurs and founders of PushAMZ, a leading automation company. Both Luis and Mac have worked on over 150 e-commerce campaigns, helping thousands of businesses experience success in the industry. They are currently rated as market leaders in Amazon and Walmart automation, a passive income generating mechanism that offers their clients at PushAMZ a stream of hands-off, completely passive income. It’s a one-of-a-kind financial vehicle revolutionizing the industry, with unmatched opportunities for investors. The mechanism has outplayed traditional investments with up to 10–30% passive monthly yields.

Such a mechanism rates PushAMZ as an industry leader, head and shoulders above the competition in the industry. Incredibly, PushAMZ’s model is performance-based, so the company charges you only when you earn. In addition, PushAMZ also helps create stores, builds listings, answers customer questions related to products on clients’ stores, manages supplier relations, pricing, returns, and account risk factors. Their highly qualified team is divided into specialized groups that focus on product research and pricing scenarios, product listings, Amazon store customer relationship management, and account health metrics. This unique business approach has helped many entrepreneurs become successful sellers on Amazon Marketplace, Amazon FBA, and Walmart sellers through Walmart Automation.

According to Luis and Mac, part of PushAMZ’s mission is to help bring honesty to the automation industry. The company has adopted various core values that they believe will help transform the industry. Integrity is the primary value at PushAMZ, which is seen in all their operations. They believe it is an essential value that other industry players need to copy and learn.

Luis and Mac state that communication is everything in the automation industry. Most operations in the automation space are done and completed online. This demands an efficient communication channel between the seller and buyer or parties involved. They advocate for enhanced communication not only during the transaction but also in maintaining post-business relationships. To them, this is an essential step to establishing honesty. For instance, the two say that PushAMZ focuses on maintaining contact with their clients to ensure a successful and transparent relationship.

Luis and Mac also point to accountability as being another essential for honesty in the automation industry. They believe that accountability is the primary goal of profitability and keeps everything going. They call for accountability not only in your internal processes but also while transacting with others.

To them, honesty is the key attribute that sets the entire tone for any other business engagements while building loyalty.   



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