High Potency CBD in St. Louis

When you want to buy CBD products, the first thing to determine is a product with the right potency. This is because such a product with high potency means it is more robust – and can determine the price and therapeutic effect.

On the other hand, just because you can see a product has high potency, it doesn’t mean you have to take it at face value. To have a better understanding of high potency CBD, read on.

What Does High Potency CBD in St. Louis Means?

A high potency CBD is a product containing high concentrations of cannabinoid – over 3,000MG. However, potency is more nuanced than the number listed on the CBD oil bottle. You, therefore, need to know high potency CBD and to do that, let’s break it into these two factors determining potency: strength and extract type.

CBD Strength

The term potency in CBD refers to the strength of the product. When you check at the front label of the CBD product, it’s where the strength is indicated. This is usually a number that uses milligrams (MG) as the unit of measurement, such as 10,000MG CBD oil.

For a standard CBD oil product, it should contain a strength between 500MG to 3,000MG, while high potencies may contain strengths up to 15,000MG and above. Perhaps you are looking for a high potency CBD oil, only to find one claiming to have 80,000MG CBD oil selling at a low price. That type of product could easily be not CBD products. You need to avoid buying fake CBD oil and tinctures by purchasing Lazarus naturals.

CBD Extract Type

The other factor that determines the potency of CBD oil is the extract type. It contains three significant CBD extract types – broad-spectrum CBD, isolated CBD, and full spectrum.

Cannabinoids are usually the natural plant components making up the hemp plant – THC, CBN, CBG, CBD, and more. Among these cannabinoids, CBD is the most popularized and highly used. The reason why the extract type will affect the potency of the product is because all extracts naturally contain cannabinoids in different quantities.

Broad Spectrum CBD

This is a cannabinoid-rich extract type like the full spectrum. However, the THC in the product is removed. Most users of this product claim to have an entourage effect and are therefore seen as potent. If you don’t like the cannabinoid THC because of sensitivity or work-related issues, this is the right product.

CBD Isolate

This is the other extract type that contains cannabinoids only. It is an extract with a higher dose of CBD – although not a full plant, doesn’t offer an entourage effect and a holistic approach to hemp. You can buy the extract in high concentration; it’s still debated whether the product provides potency.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD is an extract known to have the most cannabinoid-rich. It has hemp’s natural cannabinoid content intact. The significant thing about this extract is that the product is creating an entourage effect. For this reason, full-spectrum CBD is the most potent.

What is High Potency CBD Dose?

Generally, standards containing 25MG of CBD can be classified as high potency CBD doses. Studies reported that CBD affects individuals differently because of how it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Perhaps you consume this dose; you are likely to experience therapeutic effect even with a dose of 5MG full-spectrum CBD. But when another person consumes the same dose, they may not feel anything.

For this reason, it’s recommended you start with a low dose and keep track of how you feel.

Why Choose High Potency CBD Oil in St. Louis?

It is crucial to choose high potency CBD oil for use. Some of the benefits you will get include:

  1. It Has More Bang for Your Money

Buying a CBD oil product containing a high potency will cost you more dollars but only for that moment. In the long run, this product saves you more money. With such a product, you need to use a smaller dose and less often because the little you have will go a long way.

Perhaps, you use CBD frequently; a product with high potency helps you spend a lesser amount per dose – you don’t have to reorder frequently.

  1. High Potency Means Quality

Most users claim to fear using a product with high potency CBD oil. These people argue that a product with high potency CBD oil contains a higher level of natural THC content. And this isn’t true because there is a legal amount recommended on THC allowance.

When you buy CBD products, they should contain THC less than .3% of the content according to the legal limit. You can therefore trust that CBD St Louis with high potency has legal limits below .3% THC.

It is also advisable that before you purchase a product, you view its lab results. This is because, in every high potency, you need to confirm that the product has low THC content. These are details labeled on the product, so it is easy to make an informed decision.

  1. Scaling to Severity

Consuming a high potency product provides you the opportunity of boosting your CBD dosage. You will realize that most people choose to use CBD because of varying health issues such as discomfort. When you consume a high potency product will allow you to scale the dose to use one that meets your needs.

If you are experiencing much pain, you may have to take some drops containing full-spectrum 500MG CBD oil. However, you may need ¼ of the drop when you consume high potency CBD oil containing 5000MG. This will be a great solution to the trick.

The Final Word

High-potency CBD products are essential. Some of the benefits are realized because they have greater strength and can provide therapeutic effects, unlike other products. So, these benefits make the high potency CBD products a more excellent option.

The Green Dragon CBD proudly provides the best high CBD oil strengths you can find in the market. This ensures you can leap all these benefits listed above after you buy the products. Therefore, pick the right CBD product today to get full benefits.



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