Getting The Right Accessories For Every Sport

In my spare time, I love to compete and play a lot of sports. I’m also quite an active exerciser even when I’m not competing. I’m not sure why so many different sports appeal to me. I think I have a certain drive to win, and I am quite competitive. But some sports just help decrease stress while others give me some time away from work and life to relax. However, I must admit that without some of these accessories and pieces of equipment, I would be completely lost in the world of sports. Here are some of the things I use in sports and exercise.

For Running

I think most runners would say the most important accessory they owner is their sneakers. I’ll admit my running shoes are a vital part of my gear. Any runner will know if you’re running in a rubbish pair of shoes by the end of the exercise, your feet are going to be covered in blisters. You can even seriously damage your legs. But I still think the most important thing for me is my music. I’m not ashamed to admit If I don’t have my phone blasting music in my ear, I can’t run as greater distance. Sure, I know this is psychological but I can’t shake it, I need those pumping tracks.

For Snooker

Snooker or pool, what’s your preference? It doesn’t matter really because you need the same accessories. I’ve just bought my very first snooker cue. I found it online and I’m rather pleased with it. I don’t think it’s dramatically improved my game, but it just feels nice using a piece of equipment that you own. However, what has improved my game are the pair of snooker glasses I bought a couple months ago. My eyesight isn’t the best and any snooker player will know it’s important to be able to see every detail of the table. I’ve found using these glasses I can see exactly where the point of impact on the ball needs to be to the get the perfect shot.

For Weightlifting

Yeah, I’m prone to a bit of weight lifting in my spare time. Truth be told this is more about vanity than actually enjoying lifting heavy objects for forty-five minutes. I must say I don’t like weightlifting in the gym. I think it might be the bodybuilders that are lifting about ten times as much as I am, but who knows. So, I bought a home weight bench and it’s working brilliantly. I can work out in private where no one can hear my grunts as I try and lift the dumbbells. Aside from that I also have some rather snazzy exercise bands. They’re perfect for stretching your muscles before you lift and act as a brilliant warm up before a vigorous routine.

For Cycling

My final exercise is cycling, and my gosh do I love it. But, my bike is quite heavy and I’ve been thinking about upgrading it. Perhaps, to one of the ridiculously expensive carbon fibre models? I probably won’t, but it sure is tempting. Once you feel how light they are, you realise that this is the ultimate piece of equipment for cycling.



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