Why Does Gaming Make You Manly?

Many people think of gaming as an activity that only kids dom more specifically, an activity that only nerdy kids do. But is that true? Is gaming only for kids? Or did we finally break that stereotype once and for all? What do we think? We think that we did.

Gaming nowadays represents all kind of people from all range of ages. Most of the gamers nowadays are in their twenties and theories. Those are generations that have grew up playing games from the young age.

How games changed over time

Many games nowadays feature mature content, mature themes. When we talk about mature content we don`t talk about bloodfests that you can find in some games. We talk about the quality of the story, theme, and questions that that kind of games will ask you. We always want to make the right choice, at least most of us. Also, we all want to be best in the game, have the best score, best kill/death ratio and etc. Now we come to the most important part of this article… Why does gaming make you manly?

Reasons why gaming makes you manly

Well, the first reason is because you want to win. Winning something is a trait that every man has. Being first makes you feel great, shows all other males that you are better than them in this certain activity. Eager to win has roots in our evolution. Every male wanted to win the female that he liked, so he did all that he can to win her over.

Nowadays, man can find the same sensation when winning a game session. It triggers the same part of the brain. And of course, women mostly love men that are trying their best to win them over. Winning the game comes as a training for winning the women`s hear.

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Another reason is that gaming teaches us how to react in certain situations. Some situations are very regular in video games, but almost never happen in real life. But If they happen in the real life, then you are better prepared to react then average non-gaming „joe“. Sure, it can be funny to think that gaming can teach you something, especially how to react to some situations, but you would be surprised.

Third reason is that gaming helps you to make a better person out of yourself. When you play as your favorite character in the game, you often get inspired by them, you want to be like them. And subconsciously, you get the trait of your favorite video game character. Some even go so far to try to become just like their favorite character (they start to work out, keep their body healthy and etc.) And that is something that every woman would appreciate. A man that takes care of himself, his body and his mind.




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