Freekey – The Swedish Keyring

It’s not exactly a groundbreaking technological discovery, but this little invention might just revolutionize the key chain industry. If you’ve ever broken a nail or hurt your finger from shuffling around keys on your key chain, you aren’t alone. It’s a problem that plagues millions of people world wide, and this epidemic is quickly spiraling out of control. Scientists have been working dilligently for years to come up with a solution, and until recently all attempts had failed. That all changed with Drossel Meyer’s release of Freekey, the press-to-open key ring.

Freekey is amazing in its ability to spare your finger the agony of prying open a tightly wound coil of metal to store your keys. You simply press down on a section of the keyring, and slide your keys right on. It’s the type of invention that makes me go “Now why didn’t I come up with that?”. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, and exceptionally useful.

Freekey in action

freekey being usedIt doesn’t look like you can purchase Freekey through their website, but I could be wrong. The website is an interesting blend of both Swedish and English, with the vast majority of the paragraphs and descriptions being written in Swedish, and the slogans laid out in English. I’ve managed to find a list of retailers, with many located in North America, so perhaps that’s the place to start. Why they decided on such an… interesting, blend of languages, I couldn’t fathom. Perhaps like with so many Japanese made t-shirts, they simply enjoy the look of the English characters.

More details that you probably can’t read are available here.



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