Fracture Putty – Science Can Heal Bones Faster

If you’ve ever broken a bone, you know that the experience sucks quite a bit. Even appendages as small as fingers and toes can cause substantial discomfort, and often injuries can take weeks or months to heal. Now, unfortunately it’s too late to take away the terrible pain and suffering that you’ve already endured, but if you’re planning to break more bones in the future, you’ve got options. A team of researches has recently created a new bone healing technique that can shave as much as 50% off of the time it takes your bones to heal.

The Magic of Fracture Putty

Developed by the University of Georgia Regenerative Bioscience Center, this stem-cell based gel, affectionately named “fracture putty”, has the ingredients necessary to help your bones heal super fast. Being stuck in a bed for months on end as your bones slowly, painfully knit themselves back together is super lame, and if this technology continues to prove successful on large animals (currently sheep), then perhaps we’ll see it hit doctors’ offices in the next few years. I haven’t broken a bone yet, but if I ever do, I hope it’s long after this new compound has hit the market.

I think we’re quickly reaching a technological threshold where we’ll be able to heal common injuries from the comfort of our homes. Lose an arm? No big deal, you can grow a new one in a vat, or print it on a 3D printer. Break a bone? Just inject some fracture putty, and it’s as good as new. Actually, while they’re at it, I hope someone invents an alternative to current generation syringes. The whole “jamming myself with a sharp object” thing is rather unappealing. If they could just… beam the stuff into me, that would be so much better.

You can find more information on this impressive breakthrough by visiting Medical Xpress. Given how technical and scientific *my* explanation was, you should have no trouble digesting the original publication.



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