Everything About Bleed eSports; The Number one Gaming Spot

eSports includes competitions across several video games, just like conventional sports such as basketball, Soccer, or football, among many others. Contrary to popular belief, the eSports industry is genuine, expanding globally, and investable. It is not just a phenomenon amongst the unemployed, as many projects it to be. It’s a multi-dollar industry attracting attention from gaming developers, investors, and others.

As a result, hundreds of developers continually refine their craft to provide gamers with the best and unrivaled experience. Bleed eSports is an exceptionally crafted platform that presents gamers with a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s a uniquely designed brand that stands out thanks to its dynamic features.

Bleed eSports was developed by Mervyn Goh, who is also a co-owner. Mervyn shares vast expertise and knowledge in the industry, having worked with other top brands and personalities.

Bleed eSports stands out as the first Asian-born brand by a team in valorant that imports players from Europe. This is a unique approach, unlike the everyday norm where the better players get imported or stay in Europe. But with the Bleed eSports case, the players were glad to be part of the project. “They were convinced of our long-term vision with the team,” the team adds.

A transformative brand, Bleed eSports has garnered industry attention claiming numerous awards, including being the runner-up in VCT 2022: Malaysia and Singapore Stage 1 Challengers 3 and 1st in SEA Esports Championship 2021 for Singaporean Qualifiers. These have been significant milestones for the young brand.

“As a relatively new organization, we didn’t quite enjoy popularity. Players did not trust our organization and weren’t keen enough to relocate to Singapore (our Boot camp) to work. We invested a lot of time and resources in convincing our client of our potential as an organization and building trust within the eSports community,” Mervyn explains.

To everyone aspiring to own a business, Bleed eSports encourages you to get started from where you are. He believes there is never the right time to get started other than today. Remember what you might be thinking today; someone else might be already implementing it. Therefore, don’t be afraid to start something new. The essence is to get all the necessary facts right, and that is essential to get started. Entrepreneurship is a journey through a series of ups and downs; thus, you must be prepared to make many sacrifices and adjustments to succeed and sustain your venture.

With the eSports space being one of the highly dynamic sectors with new trends, the team is focused on continually improving their products to keep up with the ever-changing consumer needs. The mission is to become a household name that every gamer aspires to be at and to play.




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