Entrepreneur and Credit Expert Colin Yurcisin Teaches Entrepreneurs how to Scale Their Business to Success

Having the idea for a great business is no easy task, but implementing those ideas requires sustainable capital. Unfortunately, this lack of capital is one primary reason entrepreneurs give up on their dreams. To help bring these ideas to life, CEO of Leveraged Lifestyle, Leverage Investments Credit expert Colin Yurcisin teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage their network to increase their net worth and scale their business to success.

In 2019, Colin Yurcisin took a bold step when he quit his job to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. To get started, he took out a personal loan to invest in a business deal but unfortunately, he was scammed. The experience left him in a financial crisis as his credit score went below six hundred, so he was not only broke, he had a horrible credit score. However, Colin was not one to let a bad business deal direct the trajectory of his life. He leveraged his knowledge to repair his credit and got approval for seven credit cards that gave him a fresh starting capital of $70,000. He got out of debt and started his first business.

Since then, Colin has scaled his business, Leveraged Lifestyle and established his credit class where he teaches entrepreneurs to avoid pitfalls in funding a business and making business decisions. Additionally, through his company, Colin teaches personal branding, credit travel, passive income and how to leverage cryptocurrency to scale a business enterprise to success.

In addition, he teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage their network to get adequate funding for their startups by using other people’s money. “Of all the options available for funding, including investors, loans and grants, and even self-financing, selecting the best method to go with is not an easy or quick process, and the first thing to understand about using other people’s money is that leveraging on other people’s wealth will help increase your returns,” he explained. By utilizing OPM, Colin teaches entrepreneurs how to get their business off the ground with guidance from investors, entrepreneurs and even friends and family, giving them ample time and space to grow and push their business to the next level.

Aside from teaching entrepreneurs how to build their brands and acquire funding, Colin Yurcisin also runs Leverage Investments. This trailblazing e-commerce company specializes in automation for Facebook, Walmart, and Amazon marketplaces. Although the company is only four and half years old, it currently caters to over one hundred clients with its warehouse in New Jersey. Furthermore, the enterprise has made a significant impact helping hundreds of people turn around their income and earn between $2,000 to $5,000 a month.

With his superior knowledge of the entrepreneurial space, Colin scaled Leveraged Investments to success and did over $4.5 million in revenue with over 130 clients. He currently tutors over 800 students on recognizing entrepreneurial opportunities and scaling to success. “Use the tools you already have, but may not even know about yet, to give you access to money, status, and ultimately a life that you know you deserve,” he advises.

To know more about Colin Yurcisin, visit his TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channel.



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