Is Engaging an Escort on Your Bucket List?

One of my friends went on holiday to London after a breakup with his special someone. He called me yesterday to say, “I’ve fulfilled one of the items on my bucket list—I called an escort service and it was every bit as delicious as my fantasies!”

In some ways I couldn’t believe my ears. This friend, from the Boston area, is notoriously what he self-describes as “Puritanical.” I asked what changed his mind.

Babes of London Escorts

He told me about a site called Babes of London and was honestly giddy with excitement. “Can you believe they post incall and outcall rates? I tried an incall and quickly got up the courage to get another escort on an outcall basis!”

Of course, this got me thinking again about why some cultures are so mysteriously prudish about sex business. After all, prostitution happens in the real world. Why not find a service with beautiful and desirable escorts who are paid well for services rendered?

Benefits of the Digital Age

My friend shared the Babes of London gallery with me and, honestly, it’s pretty amazing to consider that a client simply calls up and arranges an appointment with any of the available escorts. The rates are posted and most of the women share appropriately revealing photos.

When I asked, “Which one of the babes if your favorite?” my friend responded without hesitation. “All of them. The photos and personal information about the escorts are accurate…if I want an escort with natural breasts, the information is there for me! If I want a very busty girl—and I do—there’s a great assortment of girls that fill the bill. Wow!”

What Makes a Babe…a Babe?

Babes of London says “babe-ocity is hard to describe, but you know if when you see it.” 

Everyone has his idea of what makes a woman attractive, but my friend and I agree that “refined” sexiness with some naughtiness is very exciting!

Why Isn’t Prostitution Legal?

Prostitution isn’t legal everywhere, so my friend’s call got me thinking again. I really don’t understand why some cultures “don’t talk about it.”

Why don’t we legalize prostitution everywhere? Research published by the Wall Street Journal blog showed that the State of Rhode Island’s decision to decrimininalize prostitution met with good results. The decision to relax certain laws in 2003 “led to significant decreases in rape and gonorrhea” in the state.

Certainly, public health is an issue and consideration for most people when they hook up with anyone and rape is an act of violence against women. (In other words, rape is never sexual. It’s violence!)

Legal prostitution actually protects women providing services and their clients. If it’s going to happen—and it is the oldest profession for a reason—it is an important issue and one I can get behind.

How to Engage an Escort

My friend from Boston commented, “Sure, I can go to up a girl I suspect might be sex worker when I travel, but the idea of going up to one of them seems a little too risqué for me. I’m uncomfortable with that approach. So I really enjoyed the ease of finding the right girl—I was pleasantly surprised that so many of the escorts speak multiple languages, too. I actually enjoyed the conversational aspects of my appointments, and that is so good because sex really starts between the ears!”

Casual Enjoyment

We write quite a bit about relationships here at Unfinished Man. However, there are times—like my friend’s post-breakup mindset—when starting a serious new relationship might not make good sense. This is a decision every man must make for himself.

My friend thought it through and decided he’d rather enjoy a variety of beautiful escorts than go on a series of one-way dates. He said, “That seems like too much work right now. I’m thrilled to have the choice of gorgeous women and loved the casual enjoyment of not having to work so hard at finding a sex partner! I am sure I’ll want a relationship again in the future, but this is a great way for me to relax and have fun. No one is going to call me up a week from now and ask ‘Why didn’t you call when you said you would?’ No, thank you!”

Gentlemen of the World

My friend said that engaging a beautiful escort made him feel worldly. He’s in his late twenties, has a good job, and knows he isn’t ready for another long-term relationship right now. I think his decision to hire a stimulating partner when he wants one is the right move.

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