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Emma Kotos is a 22 year old model and online influencer. She has a large presence on Instagram where she posts photos of herself. Born in Hartford Connecticut on July 4, 1998, Emma began modelling at the age of 18. With a following of over 300,000 on her Instagram account, Emma decided to start a Patreon and an OnlyFans. Subscribing to these gives you access to her private content which she does not share publicly. It is currently unclear whether or not she posts naked photos to her OnlyFans.

What’s the deal with Emma Kotos?

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This is often speculated on the unofficial Emma Kotos Reddit page along with news about Emma and her social media. People on this Reddit page also display their fondness of Emma Kotos and her publicly shared photos. Emma isn’t only appreciated on Reddit, with fan accounts and her own hashtag on Instagram it is clear to see that fans show their love for Emma Kotos all over the internet.

She is very well known for her deep green eyes and her light blonde hair, but most of all she is known for her attractive body. Emma is 5’2” and Caucasian. She is currently in a relationship with male model, Brandon Gray who has over 12,000 followers on his Instagram account. Brandon will sometimes feature in Emma’s Instagram photos and stories.

Emma has a large variety of hobbies including fishing, being outdoors, listening to Creepy Pasta, going on road trips, travelling, skydiving and figure skating. She also suffers from depression and when asked about it, Emma Kotos says that she believes the topic should be talked about more and that it should not be looked at so negatively.

“I feel like it’s something that should be talked about more. 1 in every 10 people suffers from it so there shouldn’t be this negative stigma around it.”

Emma Kotos usually wakes up in the morning feeling sad, panicked and quite anxious. She used to wake up in the morning crying and feeling depressed. She says that she takes care of these negative feelings with medication and exercise. She exercises on a daily basis and tries to eat well. Emma says that she needs to stay fit in order to keep her body looking good in front of the camera as this is part of her job.

“The worst time of the day for me (when I’m feeling most anxious and depressed) has always been mornings. I used to always wake up in the morning immediately crying and having negative thoughts. I’ve been dealing with this through exercising in the morning and also medication that I just started a few months ago. Everyone is different and has different ways of coping I hope you find yours.”

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Emma advises people struggling with emotional issues similar to hers by asking them to consider searching for professional help. She says that she has started to receive professional help for her depression and that because of this she is beginning to feel more happy and confident than she was before.

“I’ve just recently started seeking help for my depression. I’m now starting to feel happy and confident, so my advice would be to not give up and keep an open mind about getting help. You’re not alone.”

Despite her emotional struggles, she has been able to find the ability to continue posting consistent content on her social media platforms. She receives positive comments on these posts from her fans, some of which are to show sympathy towards Emma and motivate her to keep pushing through her difficult situation. Emma’s long struggle with depression is an inspiring story that will hopefully help other people in similar positions to her to find their solution just as Emma did.

You can find Emma on the official Emma Kotos Instagram, Patreon and OnlyFans to see both her public and private online content.



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