Elvis Justice Bedi Believes Success Speaks For Itself

Sometimes people don’t realize the potential of what they have tapped into until they’ve gained attention from people around them. This is exactly what happened to Elvis Justice Bedi when he started trading in the international markets. While attending medical school, he became one of Ghana’s youngest pioneer investors in Bitcoin, and discovered a huge demand from the public for acquiring skills like his.

As a medical student attending the Siberian State Medical University, Elvis Justice started trading in the international markets to earn money. Never did he imagine it would turn into the enterprise it is today. But Elvis Justice, nicknamed “Mr. Serendipity,” takes an approach of simplicity and effectiveness to life, which also makes him the ideal person to educate the masses on such a complex concept. So, he answered the call by creating the #1 leading digital trading academy, Serendipity Academy.

Elvis Justice has created Serendipity Academy to accommodate students no matter what their investment interests are. He offers a variety of course options and educational information to get investors started on the right track. With the right plan, he believes anyone can achieve their goals. “Start anyhow you can. There’s no need for the largest of resources before execution,” says Elvis Justice Bedi.

As Elvis Justice continues to build up a new generation of investors, he also wants to give back to his community. He has plans to put up a new school in Ghana, from nursery to junior high, as well as a primary health care center. “Success is a prompt for me. That everyone’s watching and there’s just more to do,” says Elvis Justice Bedi.

Elvis Justice has found a rare balance in maintaining simplicity while serving the needs of the public. He achieves this by executing his plans on his terms, without creating unnecessary pressure on himself. To learn more about Elvis Justice and his knowledge of trading, you can follow him on Instagram @elvisjusticeofficial.



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