A Decidedly Adult Spin on Being ‘Naughty & Nice’

For guys, buying gifts for our wives and girlfriends is like walking a minefield. (All the guys currently reading this just nodded their heads so hard that it practically generated a breeze.) It’s tough to know what women are into – what workout wear is the current craze or what scent she’s wearing now.

Get something that’s too specific and you risk her opening a gift that’s an epic fail. That’s what happened the year I got her a dress that was two sizes too big. Go too general and she’ll think you’re a jerk. My wife loves to cook, but when I got her a nice new set of cookware for Christmas, she seemed sort of, well, fake happy. The way you look when you get an ugly, hand-knitted sweater from Aunt Edna… and have to open it in front of Aunt Edna.

Last year for Christmas, I decided that I wanted to be cooler than Aunt Edna. I set out to find a gift that would be so creative and unique that it would be unlike anything I’ve ever gotten her before. In the end, I did one better: I found a gift that both of us can enjoy together.

What did I get, you ask? A trip to Hawaii? A new car? Since my budget won’t allow either of those, I got her the next best thing – the Naughty & Nice Box from Ella Paradis.

What Is the Naughty & Nice Box, Exactly?

You know those little advent calendars that count the 12 Days of Christmas? Sometimes they come in a form where you get a little gift as you open up each day. The Naughty & Nice Box combines two of my favorite things: Christmas and adult toys. It’s an adults-only advent gift box that helps you count down the days until Christmas in a very fun way.

ellaparadis naughty nice

When you open the main Naughty & Nice Box, inside you’ll find twelve smaller boxes numbered for each day. Every numbered box contains a surprise that’s a perfect mini-gift for couples, as well as singles.

ellaparadis naughty nice

I was initially tempted to peek inside each box but managed to rev up all of my willpower and wrap the whole thing up nicely. I wanted to maintain the surprise for us both.

A Successful Gift for All Parties Involved

My wife was incredibly surprised when I appeared with a gift-wrapped box nearly two weeks before Christmas. She smiled and laughed as she opened it and realized what it was. (Since the Naughty & Nice Box isn’t really a gift for her to open up on Christmas Day in front of the family, I also got her a box of chocolates as a “cover” gift.)

What surprises were inside the twelve boxes? If I tell you that, I’ll ruin the surprise for you and your special someone. I will reveal one, however – a special We-Vibe couples vibrator that we thoroughly enjoyed using together. As for the rest, because the box was carefully curated by the folks at Ella Paradis, it was exciting and lots of fun to explore the surprises…as well as each other.




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