Cooking Comically – Not Just Funny, But Super Easy

We’ve posted a few of our favorite man friendly recipes here, but up until now, we’ve never posted a great site with a few dead simple recipes geared towards men. There are man-can-cook websites out there, but frankly, they suck. They’re boring, they’re stupid looking, and more often then not they’re full of things you can cook “to impress her;” well, I say fuck that. Cooking Comically is the first time I’ve seen someone pair entertainment with clear visual instructions, because lord knows most of you can’t actually be arsed with reading a recipe. The fact that I can learn how to make bitchin’ food while essentially reading a comic strip is a damn good thing.

Cooking Comically – Not Just Funny, But Super Easy

cooking comically chop all ingredientsI especially like photos of all the ingredients; there are lots of things that sound similar or have names that are partially the same. Having a visual collection of the stuff you need makes it a lot easier to get things done when you’re a couple of beers deep. It’s also pretty great when a cartoon Xzibit pops up in your recipe because he heard you liked recipes so he put a recipe in your recipe, or stick men forming burger patties via Hadouken. Check out Cooking Comically for simply, tasty ass recipes like 2am Chilli, Teriyaki Burgers, Bourbon Infused Whipped Cream, and Nutella Cheesecake, with a healthy dose of bad movies and nerd humor added in.

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