A Complete Guide to Buy Bespoke Engagement Rings

Engagement round the corner and you still haven’t picked a ring? Well, here we have for you a complete guide to buying the best bespoke engagement ring for your special day.

Have a budget in mind

The first and foremost thing to remember is to set a budget. Shopping for engagement rings can be expensive and unless you have a fixed budget in mind, you might end up overspending. There is also a possibility that you might select designs that are way out of your spending limit and then be disappointed. To avoid these scenarios, sort your finances to get a hand of your spending capacity. Calculate your budget and also consider the relaxation limit that you might be able to afford on it.

Research designs and shortlist a few

Before you actually step out to buy the ring, let the internet be your ally. Research designs on websites and online stores so you have a fair idea about trending designs and their costs. Using those styles, you may also create your own if you want it to be entirely customized. This will basically just save time when you go out to actually buy the ring. Also, you are less likely to be clueless in front of the store owners trying to sell you their best and costliest pieces. You can also negotiate better when you have an idea about ongoing rates, discounts, etc. Do you know you can use sapphire engagement rings that can be customized too? Well, ask this to the store.

Take your partner’s preferences into consideration

Even if you are planning to surprise your partner with a ring, always take their preference into mind. Have a casual conversation sometime about their choice of rings or what they would want their future engagement or wedding ring to look like, etc. This will give you a fair idea of what they might like to wear and buying a ring similar to that will be easier. If you are shopping for rings together, then the job will be simpler as you can try out rings together, discuss and them come to a conclusion.

Try out different shops for better deals and design options

Always try out different stores, both online and offline. Different stores have different rates for the same designs and visiting a bunch of them will help you get the best deals. Also, jewellery artists in some stores are naturally more talented and creative than others and you wouldn’t want to miss out on some really good designs by only skimming through the pieces of bespoke engagement rings Hatton Garden of one store. Some stores offer more discounts and have more collections too. Some have imported designs while others function more locally. According to the services they offer, you can make an informed choice.

Think of personal engravings

Nothing defines bespoke engagement rings more than engravings. Think of something very personal, maybe a phrase that means something to the both of you or your names, or a special date, etc. Engravings make the ring 100% personalized and your partner will be over the moon to receive it.

Final Thoughts

Do your research well and make a good choice for your rings because an engagement ring is meant to be cherished forever, so you might have to take some extra efforts but the results will be worth it for sure. You can refer a good Jewellery Magazine to read about the items you will be purchasing.




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