Companies With Billions in Cash

In the world, there are many successful companies that billions of dollars saved in cash. Financial experts classify them in different ways, but in this article we will mention some of them because of their performance in the stock markets, and also because of their growth during the last years. Some examples are given within the group of companies that focus their development on popular Canadian gambling sites, as is the case of online casinos and sports betting.

The companies, the billions and the stock exchange quotations

The most millionaire companies in the world, according to their quotations on the most important stock exchanges in the world, are in the field of technology. Naturally, Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are in the first places of the most powerful ones and all of them were born and are installed in the USA. Undoubtedly, it is easy to understand that these powerful companies develop their business in technology.

For eight years Apple was the leader and kept its power due to the success of its devices and other projects they undertook to improve their services. However, Microsoft surpassed it last year thanks to the business and services of the famous cloud.

The power of the game

Casino companies move millions of dollars, sometimes more than the GDP of a small country, and they don’t stop growing. According to the most expert economists, investing in shares of a company related to online gambling and betting is an option with many possibilities of obtaining a good financial income. This is because these companies are governed by their own codes, and that despite any economic crisis, they are not too affected by it.

There is no doubt that online gambling has a worldwide expansion that has not been seen before, and furthermore, it seems to have a future with an important growth for the next years. For now, virtual gaming occupies less than 10% of what gaming represents in the world, so the margin for growth is enormous.

Gambling companies are also listed on the stock exchange. For example, Galaxy Entertainment Group, a Hong Kong-based company, focuses its investments on resorts and casinos. It has several casinos in Macau and is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. On the other hand, Las Vegas Sands Corp. is another company dedicated to develop resorts and casinos, and has its main offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its president is Sheldon Adelson, one of the most powerful men in the world. It is listed on the NYSE and owns the famous Venetian casino and hotel.

There is no doubt that technology and physical and virtual casinos are related to success and millions. There is still much to see in these areas of business, so the future will bring surprises and more millions.



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