Commander Chris Hadfield Sings Space Oddity… in Space

Space… the final musical frontier.

Today I’ve got something very special to share with all of you, especially for our fellow Canadian’s in the audience. It involves space, David Bowie, and Commander Chris Hadfield, the handsome, mustachioed Canadian astronaut of my dreams. And you know what? I gets better…

Commander Hadfield – Musician, Astronaut… Badass

Commander Hadfield looks a little odd here, but I swear he has hands and feet.

If you haven’t heard of Commander Hadfield before, then get out! GET OUT!!! Don’t come back until you’ve paid tribute by visiting his Twitter page and learning about all the wonderful things he’s done. Mr. Hadfield has done more to promote science and space travel than just about anyone in the last 30 years, save for my other hero, Elon Musk. It turns out that he’s also has a bit of a musical streak.

If you enjoy David Bowie’s 1969 masterpiece Space Oddity, then Commander Hadfield’s rendition of the song IN SPACE should be right up your ally. I’m sorry to say that Chris doesn’t quite have Bowie’s vocal talent, but he gives it his all, and the visuals are enchanting for someone like myself with an absolute rager for all things space related.

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Now, from what I understand this was filmed over the course of 6 months. Chris did the vocals and guitar work, his friend – fellow Canadian and musical producer Joe Corcoran – took care of the production and mixing, and one Emm Gryner took care of the piano accompaniment. Hell, even Chris’s son Evan Hadfield helped out with the video editing. And even cooler yet? David Bowie gave the recording his blessing, at least… kind of. Now if only David Bowie and Chris did a sort of duet… in space… while dancing. Amazing.

David Bowie’s Space Oddity

I can’t let you guys go before having a listen to the original version of the song. It’s still one of my favorites of the David Bowie Collection, save for Cat People, and it’s only been enhanced by the glory of Commander Hadfield.

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Hope you enjoyed the music, and feel free to leave us a comment below. I could use some help coming up with more songs worthy of being sung from space…




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