Claycat’s Hitman: Absolution – “Sexy” Cat Nuns Attack!

A few months ago, IO Interactive performed a hilariously terrible marketing blunder. They released a video featuring sexy, scantily clad nuns getting strangled and shot by Agent 47, and in the process pissed off a whole lot of people, myself included. It wasn’t until IO announced the return of David Bateson that I forgave them, and until today, I had almost forgotten about the whole thing.

This morning, something changed… there was a certain magic in the air, and I knew that something special was going to happen. I gleefully leapt out of bed, checked my phone, and noticed something wonderful… magical even. Lee Hardcastle aka Claycat – creator of some of my favorite claymation videos – has released a new piece of work, and for Hitman: Absolution no less!

Unfortunately it lacks the voice of Mr. Bateson, but it does have a whole lot of cats!

Claycat’s Agent 47 – Killing Feline Nuns

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There’s something extremely satisfying about absolutely every video that Claycat releases. They’re fantastic in a way I can scarcely describe, and the meowing gets me every time – much to the dismay of my girlfriend. I can’t even decide exactly why I find them so enchanting. I’m not a cat nut by any stretch of the imagination, and in fact find them rather irritating most of the time. No, I think it lays more in the realm of their awkward movements and strange, cracked out facial expressions, and the sight of seeing non-humans do very human things… like strangle nuns. That’s what people do, at least in the Hitman universe.

Mr. Lee, if you’re reading this, I have only one request for you. Please oh please create a video for Dishonored. I will love you forever. Yours truly, Chad.

hitman fighting a nun

agent 47 human shield

Looking for More?

If you’re interested in seeing more of Claycat’s amazing work, then head over to his official Claycat Cinema website and browse around. He’s created quite a few now, and I assure you… all of them are absolutely amazing.




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