Choosing the Right Underwear to Protect The Family Jewels

Most of us don’t give much thought to the underwear we wear, but it’s a pretty important piece of clothing. Finding the right underwear can make you feel like a million bucks just by the way it supports your goods and the way the underwear contours around “them”. I’ve worn three types of underwear in my 29 years on earth and four different types if we include diapers.

I remember when I first made the switch from my “whitey tighties” to boxer shorts. The reason I made the switch was because our entire class got to sew boxer shorts in Home Economics in the 8th grade. I remember the transition to boxer shorts being a bit difficult and I encountered my first problem with them during a jog in gym class. Prior to boxers, my goods were in place and comfortable in my briefs. Warm, secure, and protected. But with boxers, they were now free to move where ever they pleased. That jog was probably one of my most painful runs …ever. Just imagine a Newton’s Cradle Balance Ball and how it works. Now, imagine that happening in your scrotum with each step you take. Definitely not a fun adjustment period.

Making The Switch

Here are a few tip on what to look for when making the switch. After a few years wearing the boxers, I made the switch to boxer briefs. It wasn’t long ago when we wrote about the Clifford Soft Goods which uses rayon made from bamboo. We liked that underwear a lot because it almost felt as if we were wearing nothing yet still felt protected by the underwear and how everything was held in place. And the material is super soft and smooth which is nice to have in such a delicate region.

Comfort & Fashion

These days, we expect both from almost anything we wear. But avoid purchasing underwear that is “hot” because some celebrity or athlete is endorsing. If it actually is comfortable, then great. But no point in buying something that may look good and is popular is it’s not very conformable to wear. Just because it says “designer” does not mean that it is the right type of underwear for you.

Choosing the Size

Choosing the right size is important. I like my underwear to be tight around my legs and bum but a bit loose in the front so everything can breathe. You wear underwear all day so if you buy something that you have to adjust all the time, you’ll end up tossing them and wasting money. Figure out what your size is and stick with it.

Type of Material

I used to be a cotton type of person but made the switch to Rayon from Bamboo not long ago. Rayon is super comfortable and soft. When it comes to undies, you want to avoid discomfort at all costs. So avoid materials which may be scratchy, doesn’t feel comfortable against the skin, sweat-inducing, and doesn’t breathe. Also look at the thickness of the material. Thicker fabrics can bunch up and look unsightly.

Consider Seamless Underwear

I mentioned earlier to avoid fashion trends and I still stand by that but the seamless underwear is the “thing” right now. But don’t worry about whether it’s popular or not because in my opinion, seamless underwear is superior. Seamless sling style construction uses natural contours of a man’s southern region to create a tailored support, specific to him. No stitching in the front area means more room and more comfort for the family jewels.

Elastic Band Tightness

Have you ever noticed marks on your waist from your underwear? If so then you underwear is a tad bit too tight. You don’t want to it to constrict you and tight underwear can also restrict blood flow and cause skin irritations. A proper fitting underwear will leave no marks on your body.

Replacing Underwear

There are a few pairs of underwear that I have kept for way too long. I wash them after each use of course but we have shared too many good memories and I just can’t let them go. These guys are even starting to develop holes which is a definite sign that they need to go. I don’t have a specific time frame but around the six-month mark seems like a good number when you should replace your underwear.

If you guys have a specific tips on choosing the right underwear or brands that you would like to recommend, feel free to comment.




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  1. Hanes Comfortsoft boxer briefs. The similar FotL’s have a weird seam that makes it feel like I’m wearing a jockstrap instead of underwear. These usually run about $11 for a 4 or 5 pack. A better deal, in my opinion, than $28 each.


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