Car Essentials for Your Home Garage

Being a car enthusiast can be an expensive hobby! Not only do cars come with a decent price tag, but a true car enthusiast can never have too many gadgets. A home garage with all the gear to provide hours of tinkering is the dream – but what are the absolute essentials for the perfect home garage?

Let’s go back to basics and run through what should be at the top of your shopping list.

Optimal storage

What’s the use in having all the gear if you don’t have a sufficient way to store it all? And I’m not talking about just throwing everything in stacked boxes. When you are after a certain tool, you’ll want to be able to find it quickly without trawling through drawers and cupboards.

A good storage system is a must, with a pegboard for utilising wall space and providing an organised storage space that not only displays your tools, but makes them easy to reach for.

Car jack

It’s difficult to do much to a car without the right tools to jack up your car. You’ll need a good quality floor jack and some robust jack stands to support the weight of the car. Whether it’s for changing tires or draining oil, this is a basic essential that you’ll quickly get your cost-per-use out of.

For that reason, make sure you find something high quality. It’s best to go for something with a high lift and a heavy weight rating. The high lift will give you more space to work with and a heavy weight rating means you won’t be in danger of your jack collapsing with the weight of your car. Safety first!

A car lift

Parking your car or multiple cars in your garage and working underneath them with a car jack is all well and good, but a car lift can provide even more opportunity. Plus, if you have multiple cars, car lifts give you an extra level to safely store a car that may not be in daily use, such as a classic model.

You may want to opt for a four post car lift, or a two post car lift to make storage and working on your vehicle more efficient. A car lift will give you around three extra feet underneath to safely work with, providing greater visibility and movement on the underside of your car.

A creeper

Speaking of being under your car, lying on your back on the garage floor can be uncomfortable and may even cause you some long-term discomfort. Invest in a creeper to make maneuvering around underneath your car easy.

Many creepers on the market have wheels, meaning that they double up as a rolling stool. That way, you can safely roll in and out from under your car with little physical effort.

A mini-fridge

Yes, a mini-fridge certainly is a home garage essential! Once you’ve got the perfect home garage set-up, you are not going to want to head to your kitchen fridge every time you get thirsty or need a snack. Make sure you can spend hours on your car by having all you need close by.

Not only that, but when your friends come round to admire your handy work, you can offer out some chilled beverages and turn your home garage into a social space. Maybe chuck a few bean bags down too and create a little breakout area for relaxing between projects.




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