How to Brighten Up a Dark Bathroom

When it comes to decorating your home, and incorporating the latest interior design trends, the bathroom is often the room that gets neglected. Because we don’t spend as much time in there as we do other areas of the home, many bathrooms are out-of-date and dull in terms of their design.

However, many people struggle with the lighting in their bathroom and believe that the positioning of their window must mean that the area looks dark and gloomy.

In this post, we’ve shared four different methods that you can use to brighten up a dark bathroom and give it a small – yet refreshing – makeover:

1. Play with the lighting

Just because the builders who made your home placed the window of your bathroom in a place that isn’t complementary to your interior layout, you don’t have to solely rely on it for lighting!

The best way to brighten up a dark bathroom is to experiment with different lighting features in the space you have available. Use table lamps, spotlights and downlights wherever possible, and opt for warmer bulbs if you want to give the room a cosier ambience.

If you’re looking to get light into a windowless bathroom, adding lighting features is also an excellent way to make the room look naturally brighter.

2. Use mirrors

If you physically cannot install feature lighting in your bathroom, you may want to consider placing mirrors in strategic places.

If possible, place a large mirror directly opposite the window to bounce around the natural lighting already entering the space. You may also want to use small mirrors on top of storage cupboards or windowsills; both of which can act as a piece of décor to complement the existing interior design.

3. Opt for white furniture

Whilst colour is a fantastic way to add personality into your bathroom, large volumes of darker tones absorb any light that comes into the area and make it look much duller.

Furniture items that are white are great because they bounce light around and give the appearance of more space. A white bathtub, towels and cupboards are the simplest ways to do this without changing the actual features of your space.

If you’re still wanting to incorporate bold colours, adding accent features, such as a feature wall of colour, can help to keep the interior design whilst still looking bright and airy.

4. Consider marble-effect cladding

Tiles are the most popular way to decorate a bathroom but many people don’t realise that cladding is a fantastic alternative and can help to brighten up small spaces.

Because cladding comes in a variety of different styles and colours, there’s an option to suit any room. Marble-effect cladding has an unusual and modern effect with a white background that can reflect light around the space, whereas sparkle-effect can add detail and bounce the natural light.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways that you can brighten up a windowless bathroom without changing the actual structure and layout of your room. Now, it’s up to you to incorporate them and feel like you have a whiter, more spacious bathroom instantly!



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