Brief Safe – The Benefits of Dirty Underwear

Have you had your house broken into and valuables stolen? Do you have an untrustworthy roommate and your cash keeps disappearing? Not to worry my man, Brief Safe is here to help.

This ingenious “fake dirty underwear” is perfect for hiding valuables, documents, and cash in plain sight.

Who Would Buy Brief Safe?

The Brief Safe features a 4” X 10” secret compartment that can house more than just your junk. It also features a very realistic, unpleasant brown skid mark that is guaranteed to keep the most daring thieves at bay. The most challenging part is keeping the wife or girlfriend from washing it or even worse, tossing it in the garbage. At least now you have a legitimate excuse if you do happen to have a screeching skid mark accident in the future. There are rumors that later this year, an improved scented version is to be released just before Christmas. For the time being, they only come in white and brown. All that security for a low low price of $12.99.

Safe… but Less Shitty

If you’re looking for something a little less shitty to store your cash and valuables in, then perhaps it’s time to pick up a can of Barbasol with a hidden compartment for valuables. Unless a thief is very desperate, chances are he/she isn’t going to steal your bathroom shaving products.



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