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If you’ve ever seen the Netflix hit series Peaky Blinders, then you probably know just how lucrative that gambling on a horse race can be. The series is centered around a small Birmingham-based family gang that started a racketeering ring post-World War I.

Over the course of the first season, the lead character Thomas Shelby leverages the horse race gambling industry to take his family to new heights and change England forever.

While we’re certainly not suggesting that you should test your odds with illegal gambling, the show offers an interesting historical insight into the history of gambling on horse races and is something that anybody can appreciate!

If you like to gamble and you’re willing to place a bet on one of these historic matches, thenBetUs to bet sports online is one of the best places to try your luck! They’ve created a full, 100% legal gambling platform (and casino) allowing verified players to gamble and take bets on which horse they think is going to win a certain race.

Not sure where to start or how to bet online?

Here’s a quick guide to help you start your journey into the safe, secure, and most importantly, fun, world of online sports betting. The next thing you know, you’ll be sipping your whiskey neat, watching a horse race like a distinguished Englishman, and raking in the profits of your calculated wagering.

Horse Racing: The Biggest Sports Betting Event of All Time

The annual Kentucky Derby is arguably one of the most famous races of all time. In this event, riders and their superbly trained steeds race laps around a classic dirt course. The experience is usually enough to hook first-time watchers right off the bat.

There’s no feeling better than watching your favorite horse scream past the finish line and enjoying the excitement of knowing that you’re on the winning team.

In fact, the only way you could feel any better is if you actually won some money from the whole thing. Then, you’ll be keeping track of the racebook (a sportsbook for horses) as if your life depended on it.

Is Online Sportsbook Betting the Same as Regular Live Betting?

Before we list-off our best tips for customers to bet online, we figured it was a good idea to address one of the most commonly asked questions regarding online sportsbooks and how they differ from the live in-person betting that you may be used to.

Possibly the biggest (and best) reason to use online sportsbooks instead of a traditional bookie is that placing bets through a licensed online casino like BetUS is 100% legal. Although many bookies may claim to run a “legal” service, they’re often shady and running a very illegal operation.

When you make a deposit with BetUs, you can have 100% confidence that they won’t run off with your deposit, you’ll get to keep your winnings, and your account will be treated with integrity and fairness.

When you bet online, you’ll also be able to bet with Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency. This opens up new doors to re-invest your winnings in the growing crypto market, allowing you to gamble and be financially responsible at the same time.

With online betting and sportsbook wagering, there’s no reason to go back to a smoky, overcrowded casino ever again!

Top Tips to Bet on Horse Racing Online

Here are some of our best tips for betting on a horse race. These will help to even out the odds and increase your chance of winning and betting on the best horse.

Check the Online Betting Sportsbook

Your first step is to check the gambling website’s racebook. This is a log of all of the upcoming and current horse races. Figure out which races you’re interested in betting on and take note.

Research the Players

When you figure out which race (or races) you want to bet on, you want to gather as much information as possible on the riders and their horses. How many races have they won or lost? Is the horse brand-new and inexperienced? Are they aging and slower than they should be?

Answering all of these questions will help you make more calculated bets.

Calculate Your Odds

Before placing a wager on a live betting or sports betting event, you should always calculate your odds. Never go in blind, as that’s the easiest way to ensure a quick loss. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and place your bets based on which horse has the highest chance of success.

Keep Up with The Race

After you’ve placed your sports betting wager, keep up with the race in real-time to see the results. If you win a race, don’t let it get to your head. Take pride in your win, collect your winnings, and keep having fun. If you lose a race, don’t get too emotional; there’s always another chance to win.

As long as you bet online responsibly and go into the experience with the intent of having as much fun as possible, you’ll enjoy yourself and have a great time!






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