Best Way To Pick Up Girls – Get A Puppy


A while ago, I briefly talked about a few places where you can meet cute girls. Today, we will look at how getting a puppy can give you the perfect opportunity to talk to girls which you would normally not have the courage to approach. Chances are, the girls will actually be the ones that approach you first making things that much easier.

As you know, having a puppy can make you a very popular person around the park and the neighborhood. People of all ages will be approaching you when you go for a walk requesting to pet your little one. No, not that little one! Let’s try to focus here.

Puppies have the same cuteness factor as babies do but let’s be honest here, as cute as babies are, they are also a good way of keeping girls at bay (if the baby is your child that is). One thing I have learned is that girls can’t resist a caring guy that happens to be an animal lover, especially dogs. I’m generalizing here but girls will also think you’re an active guy that cares about your health as you need to take the puppy/dog for walks even if you do happen to be a lazy bastard. But the absolutely best thing about meeting new people in a park is that you will always have something to talk about in the presence of a puppy. There tends to be no awkward moments of silence and you already have something in common.  So you singles guys out there, do yourself a favor and get a puppy.

[Disclaimer] Okay, maybe it’s not that simple. Get a puppy but make sure you actually want a companion that you will take care of for the next 15 years or so. Getting a dog does get you girls, but that shouldn’t be the only reason to do it. Dog ownership has many responsibilities that come with it. I had to say that before somebody bitches at me about it.




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