Top 7 Products to Help You Deal with Tons of College Papers Successfully


College can prove stressing at times with loads of assignments to research and papers to write and being a tertiary level of education, perfect work is expected. Students find themselves skipping meals or carrying a snack in the study room in order to meet deadlines. Nonetheless for an active brain and a body demanding so much energy to get by a school day, a healthy eating habit is required if a student is to be successful. In dealing with tons of college papers successfully, writers at company have suggested using the following products: blueberries, chocolate, hemp seeds, salmon, oatmeal, yoghurt and milk and walnuts.


What can be of more advantage for a student than a perfect memory? Blueberries are packed with antioxidants that enhance connection of brain cells improving communications between the neurons. This communication promotes brain coordination and boosts memory. Research has suggested that the antioxidants in the berries can actually reverse memory loss. Therefore, eating at least one and a half cups of fresh berries in a day will do the magic. They can be blended in a smoothie that one can carry to class or mixed in yogurt.


The sound of chocolate is sweet to the taste buds but for purposes of writing a perfect college paper, the dark and a little bitter chocolate as compared to the white or milk chocolate is the best in increasing flow of blood in the brain. It is the cocoa in chocolate that improves blood circulation attributed to the flavanols in cocoa beans. Increased blood flow in the brain improves concentration and its cognition functions.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are derived from cannabis sativa plant and are packed with nutritional values. These seeds contain omega -6 and -3 proteins that are essential in providing brain power. The brain just like other body organs need energy to function and a student handling a lot of college paper will need all the energy for the brain to function. These seeds can be eaten together with oatmeal milk or baked with muffins and taken for breakfast for an active day.


Salmon just like other fish contain omega -3 which as mentioned above provides energy for the brain. It has been observed that most people who live near fishing areas have a high success rate in education and this has been attributed to eating fish from a tender age. Vitamin B found in salmons is maintains the brain function at optimal levels. Salmons also contain antioxidants that are effective in maintaining brain health. The recommended amount per week is about 98 grams servings of salmon.


Oatmeal which contains Vitamin B and E as well as potassium is digested slowly in the body thus providing the brain as well as the body with energy constantly. Vitamin B plays an important role in brain health by maintain the functioning of the brain. The potassium improves brain functioning while vitamin E provides energy for the body and the brain as well. A college student can take oatmeal for breakfast and can be mixed with hemp seeds for maximum results.

Yoghurt and Milk

Dairy products apart from provision of calcium for the bones are very crucial in brain health due to the healthy bacteria and magnesium they contain. The latter mineral prevents migraines and therefore a student consuming yoghurt will avoid migraines when college workload becomes overwhelming. The probiotics in the magnesium improves brain cognition as well and promotes a healthy emotional life. Low fat yoghurt is highly recommended since it’s not just boosting the brain health but overall body health. Milk contains a natural occurring antioxidant called glutathione that helps remove compounds of chemicals produced by the brain during its metabolism which when they build up they can be damaging to the brain health.


Nuts and especially the aforementioned type are effective in deductive reasoning in students. They contain omega -6 and -3 proteins essential in improving reasoning in students. College education requires a student to exercise their reasoning muscle but as we all know there are times the brain will just not have a breakthrough and this can be averted by consuming at least 28 grams of walnuts each day. The DHA in the omega -3 improves cognitive function of the brain and those who consume walnuts from a younger age have been found to be successful in their education.


Students’ brain health is as important as the body health and this can be achieved and improved through a proper diet. The brain needs the energy to function well and this energy is provided by hemp seeds as well as oatmeal. Chocolate and dairy products such as milk and yoghurt improve the brain’s cognitive performances, blueberries enhance memory while walnuts improve student’s reasoning and students who have consumed salmon from tender age tend to be smarter.



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