Best Community Pages for LoL Players

League of Legends is a game that hinges on competitive play. Once a match is finished, you’ll want to continue engaging with fellow LoL enthusiasts to get the most out of this popular battle arena title. Community pages are essential reading for any LoL lover. Below, we’ve picked a handful of the best blogs and sites offering the best resources for League of Legend amateurs and advanced players alike.

1. Blog of Legends

Blog of Legends is a first-rate resource for fans of LoL. You’ll find regularly updated news items, along with insights about new and existing champions and patch notes. This blog also aggregates updates from other online LoL communities, including Reddit. If you’re looking for a centralized source for all your LoL insights, Blog of Legends deserves pride of place in your browser bookmarks. Blog of Legends also has its own Twitter page, meaning there’s no chance of you missing an important update.

2. LoL Counter

If you’re a more experienced player looking for expert insights, LoL Counter is one community page worth looking into. The main angle of this site is to provide you with all the information you could want regarding counter picks. You’ll also find useful guides on things like lane synergy. Beginners may find the information laid out here too involved to get to grips with. However, provided you’ve spent some time battling the enemy on Summoner’s Rift, you’ll find plenty of valuable tips to put into practice here. If you’re finding LoL Counter lacking in tournament news and match updates, you can find the latest LoL live score here.

3. League Fighters

League Fighters is another first-rate resource for skilled players looking for advanced insights. This regularly updated site includes guides and suggestions sourced from professional players active on the esports circuit. When a new patch is released, League Fighters is on hand for all the notes you’ll ever need. You’ll also find first guidance on champion builds, along with general tips and tricks to improve your performance.

4. Rift Herald

Rift Herald is one of the best LoL community sites on the internet. Geared towards the entire playing population, Rift Herald provides everything from general news to in-depth gameplay guidelines. If you’re new to League of Legends, Rift Herald has sufficient resources to introduce you to the fundamentals of the game. However, advanced players also have plenty to get excited about here, with exhaustive insights into things like champion builds and other high-level resources.

5. League of Legends Reddit

The League of Legends subreddit is one of the more active online communities for LoL players. With millions of registered users and thousands of Redditors actively viewing subs at any given time, you’ll never struggle to find someone to engage with. As with any gaming Reddit, you’ll find plenty of ongoing threads at any given time. There’s casual chatter and meme-oriented threads, along with more serious discussions about tournament fixtures and predictions. You’ll need to be familiar with Reddit to get the most out of this community, but it’s one of the most user-friendly platforms around.




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