couple holding money

The Root of All Evil? When To Pick Up the Bill

Money is one of those things that’s guaranteed to strain relationships; financials between friends can get hairy, so how do you even approach who pays for what with the girl you’re seeing? In today’s world, there are generally three attitudes women have about who’s picking up the tab, and three possible outcomes. Some girls expect a man to pay all the time, and some girls want to buy all the time; since you won’t always find a girl who wants to split everything perfectly 50/50, our handy strategy guide will help you decide when you should pick up the bill like the finished man you strive to be without looking like a cheapskate or a jerk.

What Women Want – A Disclaimer
These days, it’s hard to know what type of girl you’re dating right off the bat- you may feel like you’re guaranteed to get screwed either way.