Satechi Smart Trigger

Satechi: BT Smart Trigger Review

The vista is breathtaking; your friends line up for a group shot; you take the photo. When it comes time to edit your photos at home, you realize that you are noticeably absent from a majority of your shots. dSLR owners know this feeling all too well, thus, the Smart Trigger was created.

Smart Trigger from Satechi aims to solve the dilemma of shoot or be shot while offering a variety of other unique features. The Smart Trigger is essentially two devices in one: a wireless trigger and an intervalometer. The device works on a plethora of Canon cameras, even the non-dSLR Powershot G10 and G11 are supported. Strangely enough, Satechi decided to throw in support for the Pentax K7 dSLR, the only non-Canon device on their list. The Smart Trigger device requires a companion app in order to control and operate the unit. The app can only be installed on select bluetooth 4.0 devices; that includes Apple’s iOS devices, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or Note 2 devices and it can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play, free of charge. For this review, I will be using an iPhone 5 and a Canon 5D Mark II.