Active and Fun Career Paths to Help You Get the Most Out of Life

You’ve got to consider what you want to do with your life by way of a career. There are so many options to choose from these days, and it can be difficult to narrow it down. So, get a load of these active and fun career opportunities off the beaten track, that you might like to pursue.

Personal Trainer

You know what’s an awesome career? Working as a personal trainer. So many people are much more health conscious these days. So they are taking the time to hire and use personal trainers much more. That’s why it’s a really great idea to become a personal trainer these days. It’s a great way of keeping yourself in shape and boosting your personal fitness. And, as a bonus, you get to help people get fitter and achieve their personal goals. You can freelance as a personal trainer, which is the ultimate dream. Or, you could spend some time working at a gym for a while.


Think more Time Team than Indiana Jones or Lara Croft! Still, a career as an archaeologist is fascinating. You get to learn all about ancient cultures and people and be part of digs and excavations. This is a wicked outdoor role that can help to keep you active, as well as providing important mental stimulation at the same time. You will need to study hard and show passion if you want to become an archaeologist, but dream jobs are always worth that extra effort!


Becoming a lifeguard is one of the most important and rewarding careers a person can do. You will be saving lives and helping to make the pools and oceans a safer place. Many lifeguards will work for leisure centres or hotel resorts, but some will be employed by beaches and towns. This is generally going to be a seasonal job unless you can snag one of those leisure centre roles. Or you could get a job in a perpetually hot climate! The greatest thing about working as a lifeguard is that you get to interact with people and save lives. And you look pretty darn good doing it too!

Adventure Guide

If you have a thirst for the great outdoors, and a spirit of adventure, this is the perfect job for you. As an intrepid adventurer, you can oversee a team of like-minded people as you head out into the wild. Take on the rivers, mountain, lakes, and glaciers of the world in style! This is one of the most rewarding and life-changing careers you could possibly consider. Take your office outside, and become a modern adventurer. You can lead outdoor programs teaching adults and kids how they can become awesome adventures too. This will teach people valuable life skills, and every day will present a different kind of challenge.

There are so many different career paths these days, and many of them involve being active. If you’re not the kind of person who wants to be sat behind a desk for most of your life, these are perfect for you. Use the ideas listed here as an inspiration to do the most fun and active career you possibly can.



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