Acne 101: The Low Down On Acne, Pimples, & Zits

Oh yes, one of the most annoying things that teenagers and adults have to deal with. Some get the occasional outbreak while others can have a severe case of acne. I’ve had my fair share of breakouts here and there, and let me tell ya, it SUCKS! Below is  a quick write up I did to give you folks a quick insight on what acne is. Welcome to Acne 101 boys and girls.

Who gets acne?

Anyone really. Some people may get more than others and teens are not the only ones who get them. Even adults do.

But why?

Don’t blame the types of foods you eat because food has nothing to do with getting pimples. It’s all based on what’s going on in your body. Hormones are the number one player. That’s why most people get acne during the teenage years. As you enter your teens, your hormones, specifically androgens, increase. When these hormones increase, sebaceous glands, which are pouches inside your skin, get bigger and bigger. These glands secrete oils called sebum which prevent your skin from drying out. Sometimes these glands make more oil than normal. The excess oil and other things, such as dirt, clog pores which allow bacteria to grow and hence give rise to pimples. These sebaceous glands are most commonly found on your face, neck, back, and chest which is why those are common places to get pimples.

Because oil drains out of your pores, anything that plugs these pores will cause acne. You may not know this but hair also grows out of pores, called hair follicles. These hair follicles are very susceptible to getting clogged up with dead skin cells, extra oil and other materials. Because of these plugs, oil is prevented from draining out of the pore which allows the bacteria P. acnes to house there. This bacterium is what makes the pimple swollen and red.

Blackheads and Whiteheads?

They are exactly what they sound like. When pimples rise up to the skin, they appear black because of dirt which gives it its name, a blackhead. Whiteheads, however, stay under the skin and induces a white bump.

What you should be doing

Wash your face with gentle cleaners in the morning and at night. But don’t over-wash your face with scrubs because it may make your acne more severe. Use a daily moisturizer. There are several types available for all skin types but you may want to talk to a dermatologist or even a cosmetician at a drug store to advise you on which one will suit you. Recent reviews of Glamglow products look promising. Never ever pick or squeeze your pimples… the pus within the pimple may cause more pimples on your face to pop up and picking your pimples may leave scars.

Depending on the severity of your acne, different products are available. If you have pimples that pop up here and there, then you can get products from your local pharmacy. If your acne is mild but seems like it’s never ending, see a dermatologist and they can advise you on a plan of attack. Remember to always stick to a routine when it comes to acne and use a daily treatment. This way, your acne will be controlled and you can just go on enjoying your life!




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