A Look At The Manchester Craft Beer Scene

Craft beer in the UK has taken off exponentially and the beer is readily available in the supermarkets and one that is quite a profitable business with drinkers appreciating beer more for its complex tastes.

One place in particular that has really taken off in terms of breweries is Manchester in England. The craft beer scene in the northern city is incredibly popular and there are many small breweries that have become a household name with drinkers in the UK.


Manchester is well known for brewing beer. There has been a rich history in the city of some of the best ale coming from the city. There had been a Joseph Holt brewery, a JW Lees brewery and a Boddingtons brewery in Greater Manchester since the mid-1800s. All three were incredibly popular with the people of Manchester and set a great appreciation for beer in the city.

What are the standout breweries?

Manchester is a buzzing city and has plenty of things going on. However, it’s a city where you can walk around and feel all different aspects of the city.

If you wander down past Piccadilly train station away from the noise of the shoppers, the bookmakers (even though online betting offers are better) and diners appreciating some of the best food in the city you will find an area filled with some of the best breweries and tap rooms that Manchester has to offer.

In this area, you have Cloudwater, Alphabet Brewing Company, Beer Nouveau and Track Brewing. The breweries have a great atmosphere and plenty of great-tasting beer to be experienced all day.

These breweries in particular are regularly up for awards around the world for their fantastic beers. Cloudwater were the subject of a takeover bid from the biggest craft beer company Brewdog; very punk of them!

The go to beer in the Piccadilly area

  • Cloudwater- A Wave In The Marlborough Sounds, 5% DDH Pale
  • Alphabet- A to the K, 5.6% American Pale Ale
  • Beer Nouveau- Peterloo, 4% light-bodied porter
  • Track- Sonoma, 3.8% Pale Ale

However, this is not the only part of Manchester, particularly in the city centre, where there are some fantastic breweries. If you go to the top end of Manchester to Ancoats, the Green Quarter and the Northern Quarter you will find an abundance of craft beer pubs and breweries.

Around this area, you will find breweries such as Runaway, Blackjack and Shindigger.  Unfortunately, Beatnikz has just announced it will be closing its brewery due to the pandemic, but this was also a fantastic brewery.

The go to beer in this area

  • Runaway- IPA, 5.5% a west coast IPA
  • Blackjack- Session IPA, 4.5% Session IPA
  • Shindigger- Mango Uncahined, 4.2% a Mango and pineapple session IPA

Best breweries out of the city center

There are also some great notable breweries that deserve a mention when we are discussing craft beer in Manchester.

  • Marble Beers, Salford
  • SEVEN BRO7HERS, Salford
  • First Chop Brewing Arm, Salford
  • Bootleg Brewing, Chorlton



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