8 Things Influencing Dressing Style

Style isn’t all about clothes, but they play a significant role which depends on how you wear them. Clothing is one of the ways you can instill your personality and identity in people, even without saying a word. And something unique is that this type of knowledge will not happen overnight.

If you didn’t know, there is a significant difference between those who put effort into their look and those that wear anything only because they avoid being naked.

Moreover, countless things can influence your personality style. But the significant thing, most of them rely on the fashion industry.

Some of the factors that influence your overall aesthetic include popular brands such as Velva sheen, media covering trends, and the clothes you wear. In this article, we have examined and highlighted some of the things influencing your style.

Let’s get started:


What do you do before getting dressed to go out or stay indoors? You check the weather. This is something crucial unless you’re lucky to stay in tropical areas. In such areas, you need to have shorts and tees that can last you long.

On the other hand, the challenge is when you live in a winter climate. The climate forces you to go with winter coats.

The climate of where you live plays a significant role in essentials to have in your closet. This also affects your style of clothing.

Your Job

The other factor that will influence how to dress is your job. This plays a significant role because there is a dress code for every company.

If you are an athlete, wearing sweatsuits could be part of your life. However, that could also not be the case.

On the other hand, if you work in a place you are supposed to wear a uniform, there is nothing to worry about. So, much of the clothing budget should go to the uniform because most of your day time you spend at work.

Again, if you work in a place with a lax dressing code, you are free to what you want. This will also determine the kind of clothes to wear because not all are acceptable in workplaces.

Other People

Did you know people could determine the clothes you wear? Humans are weird, especially with their culture.

However, most people have an innate desire that can be accepted and approved. In this case, this is why clothing choices will be subconscious because you will be affected by the desire to stand out.

This is also why next-level fashion will be accused of being weird, crazy, or gay. In addition, most people also want to wear clothes that can attract the opposite sex. Or sometimes, they avoid getting laughed at by others.

When you travel to another country, you have to know their culture. Some codes of dressing aren’t accepted in some parts of the world. This is something to be careful with, and ensure you wear the recommended code of dressing.

Depending on what you like or want people to see you determines your dressing. There are those friends also who can influence your dressing style.

Your Hobbies

Another thing that may influence your dressing choice is your hobbies. Perhaps you love skating; you should wear those clothes, making it easier for you.

You may also find it enjoyable to hunt when you have spare time. In that case, you probably should not miss some Realtree camo.

And for fishing, you need a lure vest and bucket hat. This means that your hobby could significantly affect your closet.


Most of the men’s trends wear have roots in sports. Some of these include button-down collar shirts, varsity jackets, and more. Sport is part of life; whether you participate in it or a fan, it can influence your clothing.

You can wear gears of your favorite team or when there is a big game. So, the sport you support will have a big part of the clothes you choose to wear off the field.

Besides, this is a place where most people learn about brand loyalty and matching colors. This is because most sports teams will have colors inspiring their team spirit and complement each other.


If asked to name some style icons, most are from the screen rather than from the street style. Among the top influencers are Indiana Jones, Radio Raheem, and Cary Grant. These people influenced more men on the clothing to wear than the designers.

Therefore, it has become a norm that people get the influence of their clothing depending on the movie characters.

Clothing can be combined with the mythology of the movie character and the iconic pop culture in the films. Both these instances will take something normal and thus influencing how most people wear their clothes and styles.


Probably, the most influences could be resulting from music. If you look at some tops brands such as Stussy and Versace, they have their roots in the hip-hop world. Besides, in the ’80s, Teddy Boys and Punks used to make Ben Sherman shirts and Doc Martens symbols of rebellious youth.

Later, someone else came up with slim suits, which signified the mod culture. And this means that music can significantly affect your dressing style.

Perhaps, your taste in music could be the biggest thing influencing your style. You could be a fan of a specific music genre that you tend to adopt.

In the end, music has been a gateway to fashion because you think about clothes when expressing yourself and your tastes.

Graphic Design

It is clear that art and style will always be tied together. Graphic design plays a significant role in what someone may wear. If you look at the entire streetwear industry, it relies on graphic t-shirts. When you look at some brands’ logos, they usually depend on strong graphic design mixed with successful branding practices.

Some artists such as Haze and Espo have dominated street art by collaborating with different footwear and apparel companies. Therefore, the connection between art and style is now more self-evident than before.




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