7 Amazing Ways to Get Lean

Who doesn’t want a lean, healthy body? There’s no denying that lean bodies look incredible in absolutely everything. All bodies are beautiful, of course, but a lean body is associated with health. It’s associated with that fitness lifestyle that has become so popular over recent years. Do you want to achieve this lean look for yourself? Try these 7 amazing ways to get lean and you might just do it…

1. Lower Carbs And Increase Fats

You should never cut out a food group completely to get lean. This will only have bad repercussions for you when you reintroduce that food group. You might even have difficult cravings, and end up binging on the food group in question. That being said, you can play around with your groups to get better results. In general, higher fat diets will make you leaner. Try lowering your carbs, and increasing your healthy fat intake. Don’t lower your carbs so low that it affects your training or energy too much. This is when you will binge. Make sure your choices are healthy!

2. Workout Smarter

Workout smarter, not harder. This means incorporating a few sessions of HIIT per week. They don’t take very long at all, but they will blast your fat long after you’ve finished the session. You can also take long walks, as steady state cardio can burn fat too. Long distance running shouldn’t be included, unless you do it for enjoyment. It will eat your muscle. Using weights and bodyweight exercises is a good idea too. You can get ideas from a BBG program.

3. Drink Water Like It’s Going Out Of Fashion

Drink plenty of water to encourage fat loss. It’ll fill you up and keep you feeling great. Not only that, as your body gets used to all of the water you’re drinking, you’ll also drop water weight. You’ll look leaner straight away!

4. Use The Steam Room/Sauna

Using the steam room and sauna is great for the skin, and it can encourage water weight to disappear too. These are only short term measures, of course, but they can be great for the benefits they offer!

5. Eat More Fibre

Fibre is a must. If you don’t get enough of it, you can appear bloated. If you get too much of it, you can spend a long time on the toilet!

Photo by Tim Bowens
Photo by Tim Bowens

Make sure you’re getting around 25 grams of fibre per day so that everything is running smoothly. You can even buy fibre gummies.

6. Start Tracking Everything

Track your weights. Track your speed. Track your food. Track everything to begin with. You can see how far you’ve come this way, and it’ll motivate you to continue.

7. Have Rest Days

Rest days are always part of the program. You make progress outside of the gym too, so make sure you’re getting enough rest at home and not undoing all of your hard work.

Use these 7 techniques consistently and you’ll soon have the lean body you want!



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