5 Ways 3-D Printing Is Changing The World

Fans of science fiction series like Star Trek will be thrilled to hear that innovative gadgets like “replicators” are no longer a thing of the distant future. As 3-D printing develops into more than just a futuristic hobby, regular people as well as industry are set to benefit from the science of creating objects using technology.

The ability to create thousands of products outside of the traditional manufacturing process will have incredible benefits in all areas of modern life. The reduction of waste by utilizing eco-friendly recycling practices is just one of the benefits that the world can expect.

From the custom printing of needed parts to creating an agricultural free source of food for developing nations, there is no limit to where we will soon see 3D printing in the future. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways that 3D printing is already changing the world.

Instant Replacement Parts

In the current manufacturing world, when something breaks down production often is slowed or shut down while new parts are ordered, shipped and installed. Industries can now take advantage of creating new parts onsite in just a few hours, getting back to work quickly and at a much lower cost.

Businesses will no longer have to worry about sending in specifications and parts ordering when they can make their own parts. This can be expanded into industries outside of manufacturing including repair shops and even medicine.

Reduced Costs

Traditional home construction costs are soaring. As innovative companies begin to take advantage of 3D printing technology they are able to reduce labor and delivery costs, construction time and customization efforts. As a result, home prices will start to drop making it more affordable for people in underdeveloped nations to own a home of their own.

The other construction advantage is the reduction in waste and environmental impact. The goal of zero-waste home construction will become a reality that is easier to attain.

Food Production

We are already seeing an emergence of 3D printed food products and the trend is expanding rapidly into all culinary disciplines. A 3D printer using different food ingredients can already make candies and chocolates that are safe to eat. It won’t be long until you can order just about anything on a restaurant menu made by a 3D printer.

Affordable Prosthetics

Many amputees are forced into a lower quality of life, simply because they can’t afford the expensive prosthetics that they need. Thanks to 3D printing, custom made and sized prosthetics will become affordable to everyone. In many cases, prosthetics can be printed and sold for under $100. This new level of availability will have the power to transform lives.

Medical Advancement

As science begins to incorporate the power of 3D printing there have already been great leaps made in many fields. Doctors and surgeons are able to create 3D models of patient’s damaged organs like the heart to allow them to study procedures before they go into surgery.

Bioprinting is also starting to emerge as a valuable medical tool. Instead of using recycled plastics as “ink”, they are beginning to use cellular matter to build real organs and replacement bones.

The most powerful benefit for the future will be the expansion of food production for developing nations. Areas that struggle with their own food production may be able to feed their populations using 3D printing technology.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to 3D printing technology. To eradicate hunger, advance medicine and clean up the environment the benefits of 3D printing will take us into the future with hope and creativity.




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