5 Types Of Nursing Jobs Men Excel At

According to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, about 12% of Registered Nurses in the U.S. are men. For a very long time, nursing has been regarded as a female career. However, men are being encouraged to shatter the stereotype.

Nurses and health care workers are more needed than ever. This type of career can be demanding yet highly rewarding for anyone who’s interested. A nursing career offers stability because the demand for Registered Nurses will continue to increase.

There are numerous benefits for men who want to become nurses. They can work part-time, full-time, or even per diem. Male nurses also enjoy a competitive salary and other incentives. Here are 5 types of nursing jobs that men excel at.

1. Nursing jobs that require strength

Some nursing jobs are stressful and require more strength than others. Female nurses tend to experience burnout easily and might need some help. There are several situations where a man’s strength and input would come in handy.

Geriatric nurses care for seniors in nursing homes. Most of these aging individuals are fragile and often need physical assistance. They need help getting in and out of beds and wheelchairs. Nurses are also required to help them move around.

Nurses who work in the emergency department and ICU experience a lot of stress. They attend to patients with significant injuries and high morbidity risks. Their work is fast-paced, and they often deal with various patients. Men could help in these types of nursing positions.

2. Mental health nurse

Mental health nurses take care of individuals who have mental disorders. They know how to assess, discover, and treat several psychiatric illnesses. These nurses provide special care so patients can recover quickly and live normal lives again.

Mental health nurses also support people with issues like anxiety, depression, personality disorders, drug or alcohol addiction, dementia and many more. They help to change the lives of different individuals with mental problems.

Due to the risks involved, men are more suited for this nursing job. Some patients tend to become aggressive and might abuse their caregivers physically or verbally. Male nurses can sometimes more easily manage tantrums and abusive situations.

3. Research and academic roles

Nurse researchers are scientists who look for ways to improve health, healthcare services and health care outcomes. They design and conduct scientific studies, collect and analyze data then create reports on their findings.

Male nurses who are interested in research and academics will love this nursing job. Quality research is highly appreciated in the healthcare industry. These nurses often work as research assistants, clinical research monitors, and clinical data coordinators.

Nurse researchers aim to improve medical and healthcare services. They can be found in health care facilities and research organizations. Some of these nurses can also teach in academic or clinical institutions.

4. Leadership roles

Male nurses are often willing to advance into leadership positions. They are driven and tend to perform well as leaders in medical institutions. To be qualified, these nurses need a bachelor’s or doctoral degree in nursing.

There are several leadership opportunities in nursing. Male nurses can become head nurses, middle level nursing managers and patient care directors. They will take on administrative duties and oversee a department or nursing unit.

At the executive level, nurses can transition into chief nursing officers and hospital CEOs. These positions are for highly educated and experienced nurses. They make decisions, oversee nurses and lead the healthcare organization.

5. Field nursing

Some nurses have to travel and be away from their home countries. For example, military nurses can be sent to conflict areas to treat injured military personnel. These nurses work under stressful conditions and have to survive in unfamiliar environments.

Military nurses have access to healthcare benefits and are well compensated. Men who can deal with the demands of working in war conditions might take this job. Nurses can also choose to work with humanitarian organizations.

There’s a demand for nurses and healthcare providers to help with humanitarian aid. They will provide wholistic care in emergency situations around the world. These nurses often work with ministries of health, NGOs, IGOs and the Red Cross.


Nursing is one of those professions with a gender stereotype. But male nurses can provide as much value as their female counterparts. They just need to be well-trained and compassionate enough to excel in whatever nursing field they prefer.

Nursing schools as well as hospitals are recruiting men who would like to join the field. Male nurses would earn a competitive wage and enjoy job security. The nursing jobs above show that more men would be appreciated in the field.



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