5 Tips to Keep In Mind Before You Start Fishing

Looking for a new summer activity to keep you busy? Start fishing!

This sport gives you a mix of intense action with time to relax by the water. It allows alone time in the great outdoors and offers a chance to bond with somebody else.

Read on to learn 5 things you should know before you begin.

1. You Need a License

You cannot decide to fish on a whim. You need to obtain a fishing license first.

Why must you get a license just to fish?

The license proceeds help the state restock game fish so that the area does not become depleted. The money also goes to habitat programs that keep the waterways sustainable. It also allows them to conduct surveys and create free education on the lakes, rivers, fish, etc.

If you do not have your fishing license, you cannot even hold a pole with a line in the water. If caught by the coast guard, you may catch a hefty fine.

2. Get Yourself Gear

You do not need much to fish. Start out by buying a sturdy pole with a rod and reel spinning combo.

Also, get yourself a tackle box to carry fishing line, hooks, sinkers, bobbers, spinners, and jigs. Your line may snag on the bottom or fish may break it, so you always want to keep backup on hand.

While you will find reeling in a big fish difficult on a small hook, you will catch nothing on a pond full of small fish with a large hook.

The weight of your sinker should match the depth of the water. Deepwater requires a heavier setup while you will snag with a heavy sinker in shallow fishing waters.

Spinners work well when casting, as the fish will follow the glare. Jigs work better when you want to leave your line in the water for a while, giving them a little bounce from time to time. You can buy and sell fishing tackle online.

3. Bring Live Bait

While you can technically fish with a jig alone, live bait works best. Worms will catch anything from perch to walleye, while minnows attract the bigger stuff. To bait a work, break off a third of the critter and thread it in two spits, leaving a wiggling end.

4. Practice Patience

Learn to enjoy your surroundings. This will make the wait less frustrating because fish do not always bite the second you release your line.

It often turns into a waiting game. Sometimes you will switch locations several times before you even get a nibble. Make the trip about the entire outdoor experience and not just catching a fish.

5. Be Polite

You may feel the urge to throw in on the exact spot you see somebody reeling in a large fish. Fight the urge and use proper etiquette.

Keep distance from other fishermen, leaving room to cast. If you cast, make sure you have enough space and do not catch others with your hook.

When fishing on a boat, everybody should bring their line in when somebody hooks a big fighter. This makes sure that they do not tangle in your line and lose their prize.

Start Fishing

Once you get all set up, start fishing. The fresh air and excitement will make it all worthwhile. You might even put dinner on the table a little differently with your fresh catch!

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