5 Questions Men Should Ask Themselves When Shopping For A Tracksuit

Tracksuits have become popular among men, and it’s not too hard to see why. These pieces of attire can be comfortable to wear for various tasks – from just relaxing at home to fetching some milk from the local shop to, yes, working out.

All of that, and mens oversized tracksuits just look cool, too – as long as you choose the right ones.  You can help yourself to do that by putting the following questions to yourself. 

“Will I be wearing the tracksuit when exercising or in a more casual sense?”

It’s certainly appealing that, often, you can don a tracksuit in the morning and avoid feeling any need to remove that clothing during the daylight hours. However, be warned that not all tracksuits are quite built for that kind of versatility.

Some of these suits are specifically targeted at the “casual” market, while others are reserved for athletic use – but the store you visit might indicate which of its tracksuits fall into which category anyway.  

“In what weather will I wear the tracksuit when out and about?”

Yes, we know – the weather isn’t exactly easy to predict. Still, it should remain a driving factor behind your choice of tracksuit if you intend to often wear it outdoors.

Ask yourself what the weather is usually like where you live. One article on the Medium site suggests that, if you live somewhere very cold, you should slip into a fleece tracksuit. Similarly, if rain is common in your local area, you should opt for a tracksuit resilient against this weather.

“What would be the best material for my tracksuit?”

One piece of good news here is that, if you shop at a reputable retailer of activewear, your choice of tracksuit material could largely have been made for you already. Brands know that a tracksuit’s material is crucial to its practicality and resilience – and so choose that material accordingly.

Many high quality tracksuits comprise a blend of materials. Those can include polyester – which, Shape says, can protect wearers against UV rays – and cotton for reducing post-workout stench.

“Do I tend to sweat a lot?”

That might seem like an initially strange question to ask yourself – but, if you are particularly prone to sweating and, as a result, feeling wet and uncomfortable, the right tracksuit can help.

That tracksuit could help by absorbing moisture and, in this way, preventing sweat from resting on your body for too long. Therefore, it can pay to single out a specific tracksuit on its materials’ ability to wick away moisture.

“Do I want to lose a lot of weight?”

To shift that weight, you should focus on burning calories. Reassuringly, wearing a tracksuit can accelerate the rate at which you burn those calories, notes the Camden New Journal.

Wearing the tracksuit, the site says, can help to heat up your body and, thus, make it work harder and so exert more energy. Some tracksuits include unique materials that can flush excess water from your body and so further help you in your weight-loss mission.



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