5 Great Ways to Boost Small Business Decor

Whether you run a local cafe, a small boutique, a tax prep service, or something else, attracting and impressing potential customers with the right style of decor is serious business. The task requires an artistic touch, good marketing sense, and the ability to “get creative” without wandering off into the wilderness wasteland of “bad taste.”

Your small business’ interior and exterior decor sends a message to would-be customers, creates a distinct ambiance, and affects which and how many clients walk into your establishment.

Here are ways you can improve your business’ decor to boost both aesthetic appeal of your business and your bottom line:

1. Chalk & an A-Frame

Classic, simple, affordable, and very effective: those are the words that describe using an old-fashioned A-frame chalkboard and Versachalk wet erase chalkboard markers to communicate with customers.

This “versatile chalk” can be used on glass window panes, plastic surfaces, metal, ceramic, and more (and still remain fully erasable). You can write your messages and artwork in neon, classic colors, or just plain white, as you please. This is great for both sidewalk and in-house use, and there’s no reason any business should go without it.

2. Acrylic Indoor/Outdoor Awnings

Another on-site artistic way to advertise and boost foot-traffic is through awnings. In malls, indoor awnings are standard, while outdoor awnings over windows, entryways, and porches are the norm. Awnings will boost “curb appeal” and/or enhance your interior decorating scheme.

An awning can bear your business’ colors, logo, and name. It can catch the eye of passersby, acting as “free advertising.” An awning also provides a respite from the weather, can create an outdoor smoking shelter, and will lower your business’ energy bill. With modern acrylic awning fabrics, maintenance tasks are easy and infrequently demanded.

3. Artistic Landscaping Schemes

Everyone walking in/out of your place of business will view the surrounding landscaping. What will they see? By keeping your lot lush, green, and healthy, you’ll significantly improve the customer experience and add beauty to the “community environment.”

Map out every square foot of your lot, installing hardscapes like “boulder towers,” natural stone retaining walls, colorful creek pebble pathways, and beautiful brick or stamped concrete patios. Then line those structures with blossoming fruit trees, brightly colored flower beds, ferns, shrubs, and other plant life. Aim for high impact and integrate it all to your building’s exterior design.

4. Focus on The Waiting Room/Area

For restaurants, yes, but for other business types as well (offices and car dealership lounges, for example), improving the charm of the waiting room or “zone” is key. After all, this may be the first thing customers see as they come into your building.

Add color and lighting. You may want to opt for low-wattage bulbs, however, so you don’t overwhelm your guests. Place some unique and beautifully upholstered chairs and benches in the area and line the walls with potted plants, indoor fountains, and paintings or sculptures that fit your business’ style.

5. Re-do Your Interior Color Scheme

How you use color inside your office, cafe, or other business space will affect the “feel” of the room. Use lighter colors to make the area seem more spacious, but consider painting only one wall brighter and darker for contrast.

Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate your company colors, or follow a specific color pattern throughout to create a feeling of “unity.” Use as much natural and artificial lighting as possible to ensure your colors are clearly visible and to make the whole scene more inviting.



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