5 Common Signs You Need a Divorce Right Now

Are you wondering whether you should file for a divorce?

Many people stay in unhappy marriages, even though they shouldn’t. Yet, staying in marriages that aren’t healthy or satisfactory for both partners often breeds a stressful living situation for both the married couple and their children. In fact, most people report better mental health after they leave unhappy marriages.

But knowing whether you need a divorce can get difficult. That’s where this article comes in. Below, we’ll get into the 5 common signs you need a divorce. Keep reading to learn whether your marriage problems should cause you to consider a divorce!

1. You Can’t Trust Your Spouse

Trust issues often crop up as the first signs you need a divorce. Most people think of broken trust when someone cheats, but that isn’t the only cause of a lack of trust in a relationship.

In fact, the symptoms of a lack of trust are often a lot more subtle. Spouses may choose to talk to their friends about their issues while hiding them from their significant others, for example. If you catch yourself doing this, ask whether it’s because you feel like you can’t trust your spouse.

If you discover a trust issue, either talk to your spouse about it and work it out or file for divorce.

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2. You Don’t Like Spending Time with Them

If you find yourself coming home later in the day or wishing you don’t have to spend so much time with your spouse, it might be wise to consider divorce.

It’s normal for people to need time away from each other in relationships. Yet, in healthy marriages, the spouses can spend short amounts of time away from each other and return rejuvenated and ready to contribute to the relationship. If spending time away from your spouse doesn’t work and you find yourself avoiding them long-term, think about parting ways.

3. You Struggle to Communicate

Communication issues can kill a marriage. In healthy relationships, both partners feel like they can talk about a wide range of issues, including what’s bothering them or subjects that might be hard to broach.

But if you and your spouse haven’t been communicating well for a long time, you may want to file for a divorce.

4. Everything Becomes a Fight

Is your spouse always going off on you about something, even if it’s a little thing?

If you feel like your spouse only says negative things about you, you have a choice to make: you can either try to communicate how their words make you feel or you can leave the relationship. Most people try the first option before resorting to the last.

5. You’re Experiencing Abuse

If your spouse is physically or verbally abusing you, leave the situation as soon as you can. Find a friend or relative to stay with if necessary and file for a divorce as soon as you can.

If you believe your spouse may try to harm you after you leave, get a restraining order as well.

Are You Experiencing These Signs You Need a Divorce?

Finding out you’re experiencing signs you need a divorce can get difficult, but keep in mind that people who leave unhappy marriages often go on to live much better lives.

To cope with the stress of getting a divorce, look for counseling and make time for self-care. Get counseling for your children, too, if they’re having a hard time.

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