4 Amazing Sculptures for the Ultimate Man Cave

Since Covid-19 spread across the globe, experts have been advising us to stay indoors to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. A lot of guys are lucky enough to have a room in their home known as a man cave. This is an area where they can switch off from the rest of the world, enjoy reading a book in peace, play video games, and watch sports. 

Decorating a man cave is a lot of fun. A lot of guys who are in a relationship with another person don’t have a lot of say when it comes to decorating other parts of their home, but a man cave is completely up to them. It seems like most man caves are never finished, so you can keep on adding different things to help create the right atmosphere. Adding new items to the man cave makes it feel even more like a place where guys want to spend hours chilling out. It is an area where you can invite friends and family members, so adding ornaments, sculptures, pictures, and posters will help give the room a lot of character. 

Online marketplaces and web stores are packed with items that are ideal for a man cave. You can find lots of different things that will give the room a retro look, a modern look, or whatever type of look you want. A man cave isn’t complete without a few cool looking sculptures, so let’s take a closer look at some of the amazing sculptures out there. 

Retro Superhero Sculptures

The majority of men grew up watching superheroes on the television or reading about them in their favorite comic books. To this day, many of them still watch these classic shows, and some of them have kept their comic books for years in good condition. A lot of guys frame these comic books and hang them off the walls of their man caves, so why not go one step further by investing in a sculpture of their hero. 

There are people who hand make these sculptures and sell them on the web. These tend to cost a lot more than mass-produced sculptures. However, some of the superhero sculptures that are for sale on the internet look great, and won’t cost you a small fortune. You can easily pick up a great looking sculpture for a fraction of the price of a handmade one. These look great, and they could add something special to your man cave. 

If you haven’t kept your classic comic books, then you should have no issue finding classic prints of them online. You can frame them and hang them close to where you are placing the sculpture. This can help give your man cave a superhero theme. 

A Sculpture of a Goddess

A sculpture of a Goddess will give your man cave a unique feel. One of the most popular sculptures that guys seem to like is the statue of Neith, who was the Goddess of Sais capital. She was one of the Gods associated with spiders, so the statue might not be welcomed in other rooms in the house. However, she is known to have been the Goddess of hunting and warfare too. This sculpture can bring a bit of energy into the mancave, and it can be a lot of fun reading about her. 

You can buy a miniature sculpture of Neith on the internet. Unlike other sculptures for man caves out there, this will look slightly different. It will create a lot of interest amongst your friends and family members. To go with it, consider purchasing a few books about different Goddesses and Gods. When you are bored you might find yourself looking into each one. 

Unusual Sculptures of Animals

Keep in mind that a man cave is up to you, and just because certain items will look terrible in other areas around your home, they might look great in your man cave. 

There are thousands of different sculptures that are designed for gardens, but many of them will look amazing in your man cave. Consider visiting your local garden store to see what they have in stock. You can find sculptures of different animals that might suit your man cave. Sometimes, strange sculptures look great inside a man cave, especially sculptures of wild animals like tigers, sharks, and gorillas. Sculptures are three dimensional pieces of art, so they can help bring the room to life.

If you are buying a large sculpture on the internet, don’t forget to see the price of delivery, and consider asking the seller how they are going to go about sending it to your home. Often these sculptures are made with material that can break easily, so you want to make sure that it arrives on your doorstep safe and sound. 

Statue of Buddha

Buddha statues are found in homes all over the world. There are plenty of different types of Buddha statues readily available which should be kept in different areas in your man cave for spiritual reasons, including the following:

  • Protection or Blessing Buddha: This statue is supposed to face the entrance of your home. 
  • Reclining Buddha: If you have ever visited a Southeast Asian temple, you have probably seen your fair share of reclining Buddha statues. These statues are for those who are seeking harmony, and they should be always facing the West. The reclining Buddha is also known as the Nirvana Buddha.
  • Meditating Buddha: A lot of folks like to meditate, perform yoga, and simply relax in their man caves. A meditating buddha can help get you in the mood to tick off from the rest of the world. You can place these sculptures in any corner of your man cave, and you can add a few candles and incense if you want to go one step further. 
  • Buddha bust: The Buddha bust has been growing in popularity in recent years. This is a statue of Gautam Buddha’s head, and it was created to celebrate him. One of the best things about the Buddha bust is that you can put it almost anywhere throughout your man cave. However, keep it away from areas in the room that might have some challenging energy. If there is an area where you perform woodwork or other forms of maintenance or even a laundry area, then you should move it to a more relaxing part of the room.

These statues come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find them for sale on the web or in physical stores too. However, if you go on a trip to a Buddhist country, be careful where you buy a Buddha sculpture from. There are a lot of illegal Buddhist statues flooding the market, and if you are caught with them in a country like Thailand or Laos, you might find yourself in serious trouble with the authorities


Buying sculptures and other decorations for your man cave can be a lot of fun. However, if you don’t have a lot of cash to play around with, it might be worth visiting a second-hand store. Since the pandemic began, lots of people are renovating their homes, and a lot of them have donated their old items to charity stores. You might find some great things for sale in these stores at the moment at rock bottom prices. 



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