3 Great ways to keep busy while unemployed

There are so many reasons why someone would be unemployed, weak economy, redundancy, you got fired, you quit (for a very good reason ofcoarse) or a plethora of other possible reasons.

Whatever the reason may be its important to keep yourself busy doing productive things so you can work on self-improvement and avoid getting used to doing nothing and becoming complacent.

1) Learn to cook
whether you are starting out or developing existing skills, cooking is a great way to utilize your time at home. Everyone has to eatand this favourite past time of mine is even more enjoyable if the food is good. Already a good cook? why ot mess around with new kitchen gadgets to take your food to another level. My favorites are the Souse Vide machine and the instant pot.

2) Take an online course
Just because you are unemployed it doesn’t mean you should shut your brain off. Take an online course and make yourself more employable. Go from ‘Beginner’ level Excel to to ‘intermediate’ or learn a new software program all together.
Choose something that will compliment your current skill set and employment goals and flesh out your resume. adding to your skills will make you more attractive to potential employers and if money is an issue, there are plenty of free courses as well.

3) Get Active
Working a 9-5 means its sometimes difficult to find some time everyday to be active. The upside of unemployment is the unlimited time you now have to get outside and stimulate that serotonin!

If you love the gym and find that it gets your motivational juices going then by all means, but if you are like me and the gym depresses you then you may need to mix it up. Get out and go for a walk, If weather permits go for a bike ride on a popular trail or simply stroll the local area and get to know the neighbors. Just because you are unemployed it does not mean your cant be in great shape. Staying active will also help keep you in the right frame of mind and not let unemployment get you down.

Being unemployed may not be an ideal situation but that doesn’t mean you cant turn an unfortunate situation into something positive. Who knows, it may end up being a blessing in disguise!



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