10 Essentials Medicines to Carry while Travelling

Travelling is fun! But that is only when you are healthy and fit to enjoy the tour. It is often seen that during the tour due to various reasons, travelers require medicines. You can also call it as the medical kit or the first aid kit. Whether it is for your kid or yourself, some of the compulsory medicines need to be carried when you travel.

Here’s a list of medicines that you may need to carry

But what are the medicines that you should carry? Have all the medicines need to be prescribed?

We have prepared a checklist of medicines which are commonly required while you travel. Sometimes you need to consider the place where you are travelling. Being careful at the inception can help you enjoy the right thing and avoid wasting any time. Check this list and hope this would be quite helpful.

We have categorized the entire medical kit into two parts:

  • The basic kit
  • Extras considered based on personal health.

The compulsory medicinal kit

Basic Kits

This category includes the basic medicines which you may need at any time

  1. Pain killers: These are often required in case of any minor or major injury while you are travelling. It may include a paracetamol or aspirin. They can also be used for getting off the tiredness of the journey.
  2. Stomach ache relief medicines like the cyclopam, particularly for those who have previous history of a weak digestive system. Having a stomach problem is common when you travel. No fixed time for meals or different type of food items taken can cause the stomach issues. you can get rid of acidity or a stomach ache if you have the right stomach medicines.
  3. Band aids and antiseptic creams- You can get minor cuts any time. Even getting out of the car can give you a cut. So always it is must carry the antiseptic cream and the band aid to support the wound instantly and that too in a healthy way.
  4. Sanitary napkins- well, ladies can expect those days when they get the strenuous journey.
  5. Vitamins- well if you take it regularly, then it is not at all a problem. Include it even on holidays. But if not, then you must carry them as vitamins can be a good supplement while you are tired.

This is the list which you may need to carry

Extras considered based on personal health

  1. Anti- diarrhea medicines- often they include this type of medicines as the journey will change the weather as well the food and water. Getting some Cyclopam tablets will help you in getting the IBS fixed. Even you can carry some of the ORS in case you get anything serious. Ask the doctor or the pharmacists for Cyclopam that you need to take or carry.
  2. Anti-itch cream: when it is the forest or a green area that you are touring at, then you have always the risk of getting bitten. So carrying anti- itching creams is a must. You can also experience mosquito bites which can be possible at any place. Carry the creams which will help you in any region or place you are travelling.
  3. Antibiotics: this is a medicine for which you may need the prescription and need to know the course too. But as we consider Cipro as the travelers antibiotic, so it can be considered as the best one to carry.
  4. Analgesic gels- if you are travelling to the mountainous region, then there are chances that you might get a sprain. In that case, it will be better to carry analgesic gels to relieve you of the pain.
  5. Motion sickness tablets- whether you are traveling by air, road or water, motion sickness can happen. Some have the flight sickness while others have the mountain motion sickness. So it is must to carry them. Particularly if you are known about the journey and what sickness you are having.

These are the ones which you may carry for safety

  • Probiotics- Cyclopam can be a great thing to add to your medical kit as it could help you with digestive issues.
  • Water tablet- in case of trekking or another sea journey, getting drinking water can be tough and also not possible; hence getting the water tablet based on the place can be a great alternative.
  • Cold and flu medicines- they are common and can come to you if you are having a high tendency of getting affected. So carry them if you tend to catch cold faster, then these medicines are must for you. Also, keep throat lozenges and nasal drops.
  • Indigestion- Carry antacids which can be helpful in case of any indigestion. They may come to your help when you may take some of the extra drinks or the extra foods.
  • Medicine for any of your existing diseases- obviously it depends and varies from one individual to another. But remember to carry them and take on time.
  • Safety pins, mini scissors, thermometer, sunscreen, hand Sanitizers, a diaper for babies and toddlers are some of the miscellaneous things to be carried.

So this is the entire list, which you must include in your medical kit while travelling.

How to Pack the Medicines Effectively

Well, we will guide you in packing them too. Here we have shared some of the packing tips:

  1. It is better to choose the tablet forms of medicines rather than cream or the gels. The tablet can be easily packed into a small space. But the gel or the cream can be pressurized and can come out.
  2. Also, opt for sachets rather than a box. They are easy to carry and takes up less space too.
  3. Ask your family doctor if they can provide some of the sample medicines that they have for syrups etc. The samples are smaller in size, and they can serve for a similar purpose. But the smaller ones are easier to carry.
  4. If the tablets come in boxes, remove the box and carry only the tablets. Don’t carry the box as they take so much of the space.
  5. If you have empty medicine bottles, then pack the single or small number tablets into them. This way, you can take a single bottle for many of the medicines.
  6. Ask the pharmacists to give smaller packs. Some companies make the bottles, particularly for carrying in pockets. They are easy to carry yet smaller in amount.
  7. Medicines should be taken as much as you need. Calculate the days you are travelling and pack them accordingly. They are much easier to consume.
  8. Always take the Cyclopam tablet in a bag or kit which is having visibility. That would help in locating the medicines much faster. You need not waste time when you are in a hurry to get the medicines.
  9. Gauge, blister strips or the antiseptic creams should be kept at places which are handy. you may need them even when you are travelling. So opening the kit and getting them can be tough. Keep in a place where you can take them out faster.

Follow these things, and you would not face any problem. They are the only ways to make your travelling safe and sound. Also being healthy while travelling is also very essential.

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Take a visit to the doctor before the trip

If you have any health issue, it is always suggested to take a visit to your doctor or consultant before the trip. Share which destination you are travelling and then ask for medicines you may require at the place. This would help you to be sure about the medical health. In case you have insurance, then remember to carry the insurance card along with you. It is a must and may help you must in many cases. In case you need to consult a doctor, refer the insurance card in that case.

Wrapping up

At the end of the article, we would like to tell you, travelling is only about fun when you are fit and healthy. Neglecting the medicine kit can be a great error you can do on the trip. Don’t ever do it as you never know what you could need during your tour. Also, it is not possible to get every medicine at any place. May be you don’t get any nearby medicine shops at the time of emergency. So be prepared for any emergency that may arise.

Hope this article has been quite helpful for you before you plan your trip. Share with us in case you find any more things is essential to be packed which has been missed out on this list. Let all people know what else can be required while travelling. These would help a lot.




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