XPLORE Adventure Series Toyota Tacoma

Doomsday Tacoma

Whether you’re an outdoorsy person or one of those “Doomsday Preppers” guys, you’ll definitely find the XPLORE Adventure Series Toyota Tacoma interesting.  The truck not only looks bad ass, it’s also quite functional and will come in handy when you go into the woods for fun, or to get away from civilization as the world turns upside down.

The XPLORE Adventure Series Tacoma trucks come with three different packages and can be bought right off the (select) Toyota dealer lots.

XPLORE Adventure Series Tacoma

The XPLORE Series 2 Tacoma, priced at $5,995, comes with BFG off-road tires, 17” aluminum wheels, Bilstein shocks, and Magnaflow stainless steel exhaust.  The next step up is the Stage 3, priced at $9,995, this package is more appropriate for rougher terrain and adventurous owners.  The package includes a roof/rail mounted Simpson tent, BFG mud tires, OME 2.5” suspension kit, ARB front bumper, rock rails, a winch, and 6” driving lights.

If you’re looking for something that’s even more rugged or would like to customize your Tacoma to your needs, such as a zombie apocalypse, there is Stage 4, which is built to order and price is dependent on what options are chosen.  Via: XPLORE

XPLORE Adventure Series Toyota Tacoma Photos

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