Winter Blues? Take a Mini-Vacation to Crete, Greece


It’s almost the end of January, most of North America is gripped by one of the coldest winters in decades, and most of us have already failed (miserably) at our New Year’s resolutions.  The days are dark and gloomy, and the nights are cold and uninviting.  Yes, it’s depressing and all we want to do is crawl into our beds as soon as we get home.  Time to snap out of it and take a mini-vacation where the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the sand is soft, the water is warm, and the women are scantily clad.

Personally, I prefer to go on a vacation that’s more on the lazy side.  I don’t like to go tomb raiding or cave diving, instead, I prefer to just spend my days relaxing on the beach where there are lots of pretty girls to look at and the drinks with umbrellas keep coming.

Today I’d like to introduce you to the island of Crete, Greece.  Crete is the biggest island in Greece and is famous for its beautiful beaches and warm weather- making it the perfect destination for the lazy vacationer like me.  There are lots of resorts to choose from, and plenty of great cruises as well if you prefer to go that route.  The options are plenty; you just need to get out of the slump and get to the island.

Crete Greece beach

Crete has more to offer than just sandy beaches and fancy resorts, giving you the option to explore if you’re feeling adventurous.  The island is rich with history and is home to lots of ancient buildings like the Minoan palace of Knossos, old mosques, and monasteries.  If you believe in Greek mythology, don’t forget to check out the cave that’s the birthplace of Zeus.  If you’re into hiking, the island is home to lots of hills and mountains with many caves carved out by the ocean.

Crete, Greece colorful church

The island is a big tourist attraction, accounting for 25% of Greek tourism, but there is still a large area on the island that’s unaffected by tourism.  The area is home to the local people and there are lots of small villages where you’ll find traditional Crete cuisine and locals wearing traditional attire.  These areas are also where you’ll find some of the nicer and quieter beaches.

So whether you’re looking for a quiet, sun-filled vacation or are looking to explore ancient architecture, diverse landscape, and culture, Crete is one of the top choices for a winter getaway.

[Photos: Wolfgang Staudt]

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