Wild And Extreme Body Modifications

Extreme body mofications on Kala Kaiwi

Extreme body mofications on Kala Kaiwi

A little while ago, I showed you guys some interesting 3D Tattoos. As interesting as those were, I think this might really get your attention. In school, we were all told that everybody is unique and special in their own way but some people took that advice to heart and went all out. So let us check out some of the wild and extreme body modifications people have done to themselves.

Etienne Dumont

Etienne Dumont works for a newspaper in Geneva as an art & culture critic. His job is not what makes him unique, but the fact that he is covered in tattoos from head to toe does make him stand out just a tad bit. The silicon implants on his head give that extra special touch.

Etienne Dumont with extreme body mods

Etienne Dumont with silicon implants and earlobe rings

Man covered in tattoos from head to toe

Rick Genest – The Zombie

Rick plans on tattooing himself so that he looks like a zombie. At the time these pictures were taken, Rick had spent a little over $4,000 and 24 hours of getting tattooed.

man tattooed to look like zombie

Crazy zombie tattoo on a man


Pauly Unstoppable

This guy is really unique and his modifications also really creep me out. Whatever floats his boat I guess.

Body modifications by pauly unstoppable

Pauly Unstoppable tattoos and piercings

Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky Diamond Rich is the most tattooed person in the world. Rich has had over 1000 hours of tattoo work done on him by hundreds of tattoo artists. He even had his gums tattooed. Talk about dedication.

Most tattooed person in the world

World record of most tattoos

Eric Spraque – The Lizard Man

Born as a human but later converted to a lizard. Besides the obvious modifications such as the tattoos, Eric had his teeth filed to become sharp, silicon implants on his forehead,  and was one of the first to have a split tongue modification. Word on the street is, he made the split tongue modification popular.

Eric Spraque is the lizard man with split tongue modification

The Stalking Cat

Dennis Avner who also goes by nicknames of “Catman” and “Stalking Cat” is 52 years old and has extreme body modifications. Besides the tattoos, he has had modifications to his hairline, facial transdermal implants, facial subdermal implants, filed his teeth to have a feline appearance, silicone injections in his face, and bifurcated upper lip to name a few.

Man modified face to look like tiger

Dennis Avner native american who tranformed his body

Etienne Dumont


  1. Louisak3 says

    OOOHHHHH MY GOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!! why?!!?!? put yourself through all that pain?!?!? and the tunnels in the lips and nose AH!!! :( eeekkkk lol funky but erm sickish?!?!

  2. says


  3. Katze says

    Ok, some tattoo’s((I plain on getting a few, not this much though)), some piercings((my lip and ears are pierced)), and maybe the filled sharp teeth ((I’m still considering getting my cannins sharppened)) claws, I’ve sharppened mine before, but this to me is crazy, I could never do this to my body, what kind of jobs do they have??? I’ve heard lizard man is a tattoo artist, are the others???

  4. says

    Etienne Dumont is a look ive never seen nor thought was possible. I like it, very unique. The other pictures are crazy unique too!

  5. Angelo says

    THese guys ALLLLLLLLLL must have mental issues. A parent told them they were worthless or something, so thye punish themselves to ensure not one likes them.

  6. Kyle says

    I stumbled upon this and wasn’t sickened by the photos above but the comments that people have left. Body modification is a beautiful thing. It is unique to the individual and is a practice that has been done for thousands of years by humans. These people are artists and innovators. These people are just like you and I they but they look different. Everyone participates in body modification for different reasons. They may feel more comfortable or beautiful after modifications or just want to look different. I think it’s sad that people are ignorant like this when it comes to body modifications. Who are you to tell someone how to look? That’s the sad thing about society. They expect people to look and act a certain way. In America, we have the freedom to express ourselves and this is how some people choose to do it. Modifications do not change who the individual is. “Open your mind before your mouth.” Wise words by a fellow modifier and unique musician Chris “Motionless” Cerulli

    • Henry says

      Kyle wrote:
      “Who are you to tell someone how to look? That’s the sad thing about society. They expect people to look and act a certain way.”

      And who are you to tell others how to FEEL about these kinds of body modifications? Aren’t you just a wee bit hypocritical by expecting others to act a certain way? ie: Don’t express horror or disgust at these modified people but praise them for how wonderful or beautiful they now supposedly look?

      This kind of body modification is not normal, and most people realise that and express their feelings accordingly. If the modified people don’t like that, then they shouldn’t have modified themselves.

      For all their supposed individuality, there is certainly a lot of similarities in the ways they modified themselves. No real uniqueness or individuality.

      Was their original form not good enough or beautiful/handsome enough? Those mods certainly don’t constitute an improvement. Why show such contempt for the original intent of your Creator?

      • Chad says

        If people want to “mod” themselves, that’s cool… whatever floats their boat. However, I agree… it’s an invitation for mockery and ridicule. So far as I’m concerned these “enhancements” look like shit.

  7. Clem says

    It takes all kinds !
    Thank God for cremation…..(or when the worms finish with them)
    THEN……….they`ll be “normal” ?
    If a mother gave birth to something like these,she`d drown them !

    When I go to High School final year art shows,I often wonder what goes on in their heads…..probably better to get it out on show,than be frustrated by not being able to express it !………UMmmmmm ?….better than going to a school with an automatic firearm to relieve the frustration & create mayhem.

  8. CutiePie says

    i would not wanna wake up in the middle of the night and see any of these monsters. ggeeezzz guys….love yourselves the way you were born. this is horrible.

  9. kasey says

    I think this is incredible. Mans body is unfinished and this people took it in their hands to go on the journey to finish theirs. Whatever makes people happier with them selves is their business and it should not be scolded or looked down upon.

  10. Casey says

    Stop being assholes.
    They did this because it made them happy.
    Weither its odd or not.
    A mother should drown them?
    That’s nice. Gtfo if you feel that way.
    I think the people who did this work on them are very talented.
    And the people themselfs are brave. Knowing they would receive rude comments for being different.

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