Why Station Wagons Are Cooler Than You Think

1971 Pontiac LeMans Wagon doing a burnout on the drag strip

© CarCraft.com

Long before minivans crowded the streets, and SUV’s littered the highway like some sort of massive parking lot, the original utility vehicle reined supreme: the station wagon. These were your forefathers’ noble steeds, with names like the Safari, County Squire and Colony Park. Manly, massive land yachts that gobbled up miles with gear and trailer in tow. You and your buddies would never be caught in something called “Caravan” or “Windstar”; imagine you’ve got yourself a 20 foot long wagon with a 7 liter V8, room for 7 of your friends and all their beer- a little less embarrassing, huh? If you still want an SUV or some over-compensating lifted truck: is it going to fit in your garage? Un-bloody-likely. The practicality of the station wagon is only a small part of its appeal, however. Take a look at some of the meanest, hottest, fastest classic and modern wagons that put today’s SUV and crossover utility vehicles to shame.

The LeMans Safari with a 502 big block- runs 10.71’s at 124mph:

1981 Pontiac LeMans Safari with 502 Big Block on the Drag Strip

©Popular Hot Rodding

Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser with 455 Rocket and ultimate manly faux wood paneling:

1971 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser on the drag strip with 455 Rocket engine


Volvo 960 with supercharged Mustang V8 swap:

Volvo 960 with Supercharged Mustang V8 Swap


Close up of Mustang V8 SC engine:

Mustang V8 Supercharged Engine in a Volvo 960


Audi RS6 Avant with Lamborghini V10 BiTurbo:

Audi RS6 Avant with Lamborghini V10 BiTurbo


And finally, the unbelieveably gorgeous BMW M5 Touring, with a V10 that puts out 505HP:

BMW M5 Touring with v10



    • says

      If you think Audi’s are ”normally a glorified VW” then you don’t know ANYTHING about vehicles, and you should never, EVER speak on the subject again…… because you are retarded…..

      Audi makes some of the best vehicles on this entire planet.

      VW makes some of the shittiest. (yet reliable, I’ll give them that)

  1. Casey says

    Volvo = Junk?
    My last speeding ticket was 144 in a 75 in a 13 year old volvo turbo wagon with 175k miles on the clock. needless to day i don’t drive right now.

    American wagons = ugly?
    Dodge Magnum looks like a fist to the face with wheels…awesome.

    Audi = Glorified Volkswagon?
    that opinion and all others = lack of any automotive knowledge. it’s like saying a Maserati is a glorified Fiat. same ownership, completely different design.

  2. Derrik Ollar says

    CBS’s 60 minutes did an interview with Sean Connery about 15 years ago. One of the questions he was asked was about his car of preference. He said that he wasn’t a “car” guy. He preferred station wagons. Go figure!?

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