Weirdest Sex Toys On The Planet

I’ve never owned a sex toy or had one used on me ….. thankfully. And I would like to keep it that way, especially after you see some of the weird, strange, and just plain creepy sex toys I’m about to show you.

The first one is the Fleshight Alien while others are calling it the Fleshlight Na’vi in reference to Avatar. I don’t know about you but I think Marge Simpson would be a more appropriate name.
Fleshlight Alient resembels Avatar Na'vi.

Next on the list is the Oral Satisfier. This one actually reminds me of some sort of creepy sea creature or a fat opera singer.

Oral Satisfier Weird Sex Toy

The German Andy Sex Doll is next on our list of weird sex toys. With this, dudes no longer have a need for women. Oh wait, somebody has to do the cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc. This Andy Doll can hold several sex positions, simulate breathing, has a pulse, and performs oral sex acts. One other interesting feature is that “she” won’t nag or talk back.

Andy Sex Doll simulates real sex.

Next on the list is the 10 tongue simulator called Sqweel. That’s right, it simulates 10 tiny little tongues. Although very weird, a perfect gift for your lady friend. From what I’ve heard, it works like a charm although it is a bit on the loud side.

Squeel sex toys simulates oral sex for women

Oral sex with squeel sex toy

The next on the list is the Middle Finger Vibrator, it will literally fcuk you.

Middle Finger sex toy

I’m at a loss for words on this one. The Remote Controlled Vibrating Thong easily makes the list for weirdest sex toys. It would be pretty amazing to wear this as a joke to the beach or the public pool and turn this bad boy on.

Vibrating Wireless Thong for men

The very cute Octopussy. This one looks very innocent but I would keep it away from the kids.

the octopussy vibrator

That about does it for my list of weird sex toys. There are plenty of really disgusting and strange ones that I have seen but I’ll hold off on those for now.


  1. Pnk Toys says

    How can you knock something you haven’t tried?

    I’d suggest trying out one of the fleshlights – you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised!

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