Video: Corpse in Elevator Prank


Here’s another scary-ass elevator prank video by the Brazilian show that brought us the ghost in elevator prank video.  In this segment, we see the same office/receptionist/elevator but this time as people enter the elevator, three guys ask to “hold the elevator” and bring in a coffin.  The guys go back to get a wreath but the elevator takes off by itself. Hit the jump to see the Corpse in Elevator Prank video…

The elevator starts going up, slows down, lights flicker, and the corpse falls out.  And as expected, the poor people in the elevator start screaming their lungs out and try to get out of the elevator.  To make things even worse, the corpse comes to life and scaring the victims even more.  Like I said in the last post, if I was in the elevator, first I’d pee my pants and then go into survival mode and at least try to rip out the corpse’s arms or eyes or something.

Corpse in Elevator Prank Video

Someone (Thomas) commented on the last post saying if this happened here in North America, a lot of lawyers would be involved.  I guess us North Americans have lost our sense of humor, even though these elevator pranks are borderline torture.

Oh and one last note, I love the last scene with the guy in blue and presumably his girlfriend.  I love how the guy uses his girlfriend as a shield to block the dead guy, who says chivalry is dead?

I promise no more of these elevator posts… this year…

Corpse in Elevator Prank

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