Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel & Doutzen Kroes go for a Swim

What could be better than starting your week off by watching a video of the beautiful Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel and Doutzen Kroes, swimming around in sexy bikinis and showing what their mamas gave them?  How about all of what I said with “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars playing in the background?

The video is short but well worth a watch, I don’t think I’ll see any of you complaining about a video with hot girls wearing skimpy bikinis and getting wet in swimming pools, however short it may be.  Hit the jump to check out the video which is the first in a Victoria’s Secrets video series called “Swim 2013 Angels & Artists”.  I can’t wait to watch bring you more of the videos in the series.

Victoria’s Secret Swim 2013 Video

Victoria’s Secret Swim 2013 Video Highlights

Doutzen Kroes pink bikini sexy


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